10 tips to do it in less than an hour

By following our advice, you will discover how to defrost the freezer in less than an hour with little effort and in a safe way.

When is it boring to defrost the freezer? You have to empty it, let it defrost, clean it and then clean the whole kitchen because ice and water inevitably go everywhere. Yet it is anecessary operation so that this precious appliance performs at its best. So let’s see how to defrost the freezer correctly, without damaging it and minimizing effort.

Freezer to defrost
Freezer to defrost

10 tips to defrost the freezer without unplugging it

If you too are part of those who always have a full freezer packed, when it comes to defrosting it you end up in a bit of a panic. Where do I put the food? How do I remove ice quickly? Do I even have to unplug it? We are about to answer these and other questions.

  1. Frost bags. Get yourself the classic freezer bags that are used to transport frozen foods from the supermarket to your home and use them to store frozen foods. We advise you to use them above all for foods that tend to defrost quickly, such as vegetables and aromatic herbs. Alternatively, you can prepare bowls filled with water and ice.
  2. Turn off the freezer. If your appliance has two motors you can only turn off the freezer, vice versa you will also have to turn off the refrigerator. Don’t worry: you’ll be done in an hour and just don’t open it to preserve the food inside. Usually, therefore, it is not necessary to unplug it to defrost the freezer.
  3. Hot water. A pot or two filled with near-boiling water placed on the shelves of the freezer will speed up the melting of ice. Some sites suggest using the hair dryer but the major appliance manufacturers advise against it as it could damage the sensors or the plastic walls.
  4. Read the instructions. It seems obvious but some freezers are equipped with small tricks to facilitate cleaning. For example the last drawer which acts as an ice collector or the special spatula which, if inserted at the base, helps the water to flow out more quickly.
  5. Rags and newspapers. You will need them to collect the melted ice so get yourself some to place in front of the opening: you will avoid having to wash the whole floor.
  6. Tools. The freezer is more delicate than you might think and should be cleaned using rigid plastic objects. No blades, spatulas and abrasive brushes or you risk ruining it. Instead, choose the special spatulas for ice (the same ones that are used on the windows of the car) if you have lost the spatula supplied.
  7. To clean. Once thawed, the walls also need to be cleaned. You don’t need to buy specific products: a solution of water and vinegar together with a soft cloth will do just fine. Then remember to dry everything perfectly or the first layer of ice is guaranteed!
  8. Olio. Did you know that a thin layer of oil distributed on the internal walls slows down the formation of ice? Help yourself with a piece of paper and opt for a seed oil.
  9. Fine. Now you just have to turn the freezer back on and wait for it to reach temperature before placing all the food inside.
  10. Caution. When placing the food back in the freezer, check that it has not defrosted. In this case, transfer them to the refrigerator and cook them as soon as possible. Also, arrange everything so that you can find it, putting the foods to be eaten first more quickly.

Extra tip: the freezer should be defrost about every six months. To prevent food from defrosting, choose the coldest season, avoiding the summer months.

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