10 typical specialties to try

Excellent for filling hamburgers and wraps, to flavor meat, fish and salads or to spread on bread, the sauces they transform any dish into a real delicacy by adding an extra pinch of flavour. With one big plus: they are a lot easy and quick to prepare, also because they often don’t require cooking. Simply blend or mix the ingredients together and you’re done. We have chosen for you 10 of the most famous sauces from around the world and tasty to try: let’s find out what they are, how to make them e how to use them in the kitchen.


Il Guacamole it’s a Mexican salsa based on avocado, white onion, tomato and lime juice flavored with coriander and chilli. The name comes from the word nāhuat (the original language of the Aztec population)”AhuacaMolli“, meaning sauce (Soft) of avocados (Ahuacatl). This cream fresh and enveloping it is traditionally combined with nachos with corn for a delicious aperitif and is used as a filling tortillas and fajitas. Originally it was prepared only with avocado and lime, but over time it has been enriched with other ingredients and can be customized according to taste, for example by adding yoghurt, capers and olives. A must try if you are a lover of cucina tex-mex.


The sauce Tzatziki is one of the symbols of greek cuisine. Based on greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic and oil, is a condiment typically used to flavor some traditional local dishes. Among these i souvlakii.e. the skewers of meat (pork, but also veal, lamb or fish), and the gyrosuno street food similar to the kebab which is prepared by stuffing the pita with pork cooked on long skewers and cut into slices. This fresh salsa is also perfect to pair with dipped vegetables or to spread on bread to prepare tasty croutons, alone or together with fish such as salmon.


The Aioli it’s a Provençal sauce made from hard-boiled eggs, garlic, lemon juice and oil extra virgin. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic mayonnaisewhich it also resembles in preparation and velvety texture, but has a more intense taste. Traditionally it goes with boiled vegetables, boiled eggs, grilled fish and meatbut it is also excellent simply spread on toasted bread.


L’Hummus it is a sauce of the Middle Eastern cuisine among the most famous in the world. Its name, in Arabic, means “chickpeas” and just i ceci they are the main ingredient of this condiment which is prepared by blending the legumes with the blessed (a cream made from sesame seeds), garlic, lemon juice, cumin seeds and paprika. Traditionally hummus goes well with pita, the typical Arab bread, but lends itself to being used in dishes and with the most diverse ingredients. It’s great for stuffing wraps and prepare bruschetta and goes perfectly with the grilled or vinaigrette vegetableswith the pesce and with i seafood. In addition to the traditional version, the variations of hummus with other legumes, such as lentils and beansbut also based on vegetables, alone or combined with chickpeas, such as broccoli, squash, dried tomatoes and beets. There is also one sweet reinterpretation of hummuswith chickpeas and chocolate.


Il Chimichurri it’s a argentinian green sauce based on parsley, oil, sweet pepper, oregano and garlic. Lemon juice and other spices, such as paprika and coriander, can also be added to these ingredients. It is widespread in all Latin American countries, where it is mainly used to flavor roast meat and fishbut also bruschetta and sandwichesas the Choripanstuffed with chorizo, a typical sausage. According to legend, his name is a tribute to the Irish soldier who fought in South America alongside the revolutionaries for Argentine independence: “chimichurri” derives from a mispronunciation of the name Jimmy McCurry, which was too difficult to pronounce.

Sandefjord mother

The Sandefjord mothero norwegian butter sauceis a condiment based on butter, cream, parsley and lemon juice named after the Sandefjord, in Vestfold og Telemark county south of Oslo. This sauce is used on all kinds of fishcooked in the oven, grilled, pan-fried or steamed, but it also goes well with seafood like prawns and lobster. Due to its rich and velvety consistency, it traditionally goes well with dishes of boiled salmon and new potatoes, accompanied by Cucumber salad, the Norwegian cucumber salad. Not surprisingly, the Sandefjordsmor is known as the sauce that “gives new life to salmon”. Legend has it that it was invented in 1959 by Otto Fredrik Borchgrevink, long-time manager of the Park Hotel in Sandefjord. During World War II, Borchgrevink studied in France and became familiar with the classic French sauce Beurre Blanc. Once back in Norway, he simplified it by eliminating the shallots and white wine and creating this classic of Norwegian cuisine.

Salsa Rust

The Salsa Rust is a condiment originally from Provence also known as Provençal mayonnaise. It represents, in fact, a variant of the classic mayonnaise and is prepared with egg yolk, garlic, fish stock, chilli pepper, breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil. This mix of ingredients makes it perfect on toasted croutons to accompany with fish soups as the bouillabaisse, a typical Provencal specialty. “Roulle” means “rust”, referring to the color of this sauce which can also be enriched with other ingredients, such as boiled potatoes, tomato, saffron and paprika.


Il Mojo (from the Portuguese “molho”, i.e. “sauce”) is a typical sauce of the Canary Islands based on olive oil. Traditionally it is served with cheeses, meat and vegetables, but it is also ideal for seasoning pasta or to spread on bread to make bruschetta. There are two variants: the red mojo (mojo rossa sauce) or mojo picón, which is prepared with red pepper, garlic, vinegar and cumin seeds and usually matches with plates of meatand the my faithbased on parsleywhich is used on the pesce. A classic accompaniment of the Mojo, both red and green, is represented by wrinkled potatoesa traditional dish prepared with a typical potato variety from the Canary Islands, boiled with all the peel in water and plenty of salt and served with the sauce.

Mother’s Country

Il Mother’s Country it’s a fish sauce typical of Vietnamese cuisine based on fish and shellfish fermented for months in wooden cases with water and salt. It is used both on its own as a condiment and as a base for other sauces. Among these is the Cambodiaa sweet and sour and spicy sauce that is prepared with fish sauce, chilli and lime and which is often used as vinaigrette to flavor many typical dishes of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. These include the spring rolls, the grilled pork and rice, and the pork and mushroom pancakes.


Il Mole it’s a Typical Mexican sauce with a spicy and spicy taste. If you prepare with red chillies, dried fruit such as peanuts and almonds, garlic, onion and spices such as cinnamon, coriander and cloves, which are simmered into a thick sauce to which some dark chocolate. It is not, however, a sweet sauce, but a condiment that, thanks to spices and chocolate, turns out a lot creamy and aromatic. Mole sauce is among the ingredients of a second course of meat considered a national specialty in Mexico, the Mole poblano. It is a recipe based on pollo which prepares for traditional festivities, for example on the day of independence of Mexico or for the commemoration of the dead.

What is the sauce that tickles you the most?

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