25 recipes with leftover rice

Il leftover rice it’s a precious ingredient, don’t throw it away but turn it into new delicious recipes. To reduce it food waste you need to learn how to use the advanced ingredients for new creative preparations rich in flavors and aromas. The leftover rice it can be stored in the refrigerator, covered, for 1-2 days. Be careful not to exceed this storage time because then the rice will start to ferment and will no longer be edible. Storing leftover rice in the freezer is not recommended, so use it to prepare these 25 leftover rice recipes!

Leftover rice recipes

Baked rice

Excellent as a single dish, the baked rice has a very pleasant crunchy crust on the surface that will make it truly irresistible. Add the ingredients you prefer, but don’t miss mozzarella or scamorza that will make it stringy.

Baked cauliflower rice

In the winter season, the cauliflower it is a vegetable rich in flavor and benefits for our body. With your leftover rice you can prepare an excellent Baked cauliflower rice also to put in lunchbox for the office.

Baked rice with chicken

Perfect like single dishil baked rice with chicken It is a tasty and simple recipe to prepare. In just a few steps you will have a complete dish that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Baked rice omelette

You can use the leftover rice to prepare a delicious one baked rice omelette. Good hot, but perfect even at room temperaturethis omelette is also a great idea for a picnic.

Baked spring rice

Vegetables, aromatic herbs and lots of freshness: here is the spring baked rice it is a perfect dish to celebrate the warm season that arrives. Serve it in a nice pyrophile at Sunday brunch and you’ll make a great impression.

Baked rice ring with chicken and mozzarella

Sleek and tasty, thebaked rice ring with chicken and mozzarella is a great way to use up leftover rice. This recipe is also a good fix for those family lunches in which there are many guests: you will all agree!

Baked rice croquettes

The leftover rice croquettes cooked in the oven they are like cherries, one leads to another. They are ideal to be prepare in advance, at the time of service, all you have to do is warm them up. Perfect for an aperitif paired with a fresh cocktail.

Fried rice croquettes

Unlike those in the oven, the fried rice croquettes they must be eat immediatelyas is the case throughout the fried. Stuff them with vegetables, mozzarella and of course prepare them with leftover rice, it certainly won’t look like leftovers.

Savory rice cake

Leftover rice is great for making a delicious savory rice cake that will come to your rescue for all those times you don’t know what to prepare for dinner. Also perfect as empty fridgeeverything is worth it in this recipe, so add leftover salami bases and also cheeses that are lying in the fridge because they are now almost at the crust.

Sauteed rice with carrots and peas

Leftover rice is also great for making dal dishes oriental notes. Try this sauteed rice with carrots and peas, do it with a wok and add a little soy sauce to taste. Then accompany it with prawns or mushrooms and your Italian-Chinese dinner is served.

Jump rice

Il jumping rice it’s a recipe from Milanese culinary tradition and it was invented precisely to give new life to leftover saffron risotto. It is usually served with raspa dura, a Lodi cheese that is cut into very thin sheets.


The best fate that can be expected of leftover rice is to end up in the arancini. Typical Sicilian preparation (in Palermo they are called arancinidon’t forget it), the classic arancini are prepared with rice, ragù with peas and mozzarella, but there are numerous versions.

Shrimp arancini

If you love i flavors of the seayou can recycle the leftover rice to prepare delicious shrimp arancini which can become an excellent appetizer for a fish dinner.

Speck and zucchini arancini

Another variant of the traditional recipe is that of the speck and zucchini arancini. Perfect for an aperitif if prepared in a small size, arancini are also delicious the next day.

Vegetarian rice balls

With leftover rice you can prepare delicious vegetarian rice balls. Add your favorite vegetables and the result is guaranteed. This is a great way to get the little ones or those who don’t like them to eat vegetables.

Pudding of rice and milk beef

Il rice pudding and milk beef it is an important and decisive dish suitable for the colder season. Bring it to the table whole and portion it in front of your guests, it will be decidedly spectacular.

Supplied on the phone

Another one traditional recipe that can be prepared with leftover rice is that of he pleaded on the phone also called Roman supplì. These delicious tomato rice balls have an irresistible stringy mozzarella core.

Sartù Rice

Il Sartù Rice is a typical Neapolitan recipe and is one of the iconic preparations of the table Sunday for lunch. Preparing it takes some time, but if you do it with leftover rice you will save a lot!

Rice in Calabrian pan

That of rice in Calabrian pan it is a traditional recipe which, however, knows no end. Succulent and tasty, this dish is suitable for sharing.

Timbale of rice and courgettes

Bring to the table a timbale of rice and courgettes it will be a joy for the eyes and for the palate. If you prepare it with leftover rice it will also become one joy for the wallet because using leftovers also means saving money.

Timbale of rice with early fruits

Fresh asparagus, zucchini and peaswhat better way is there to celebrate the arrival of spring than to bring the rice timbale with early fruits? A riot of vegetables and colors which, combined with the scent of aromatic herbs, will immediately put you in a good mood.

Roman-style rice timbale

That of Roman-style rice timbale it is a recipe with a long history. Prepare with sweetbreads, a recently rediscovered and valued ingredient, sausage, ham and much more. It is a rather rich recipe and therefore suitable for the colder season.

Mini timbales of rice with crab ragout

You can also prepare them with leftover rice very elegant and refined dishes. This is the case with these delicious ones mini timbales of rice with crab ragout that you can bring to the table for an important and formal dinner.

Fried Rice

Good for a snackaperitifbut also at lunch and dinner, the Fried Rice they are a really tasty way to recycle leftover rice. Prepare many and serve them hot, no other indications are needed!

Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice

Thanks to the leftover rice you can prepare a tasty stuffing by and Tomatoes Stuffed With Rice. This recipe is also perfect for making stuffed peppers, eggplants, onions, and other vegetables.

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