3 ideas for filling the Easter dove

The dove is, together with the egg, the dessert par excellence of Easter. Whether you decide to prepare it with your own hands (long process but which gives great satisfaction), whether you opt for a packaged product, an excellent idea is to make one stuffed version. Here’s how you can fill the Easter dove with creams and fruit, creating three different combinations.

How to stuff the Easter dove

Before discovering some of the most delicious combinations for filling the dove, let’s figure out how to proceed. Whether you decide to prepare it with your own hands or buy it ready-made, first you will have to remove the cardboard around.

Once this is done, get yourself one long blade knife (must be able to pass the dessert from side to side) and cut it in half. This way you will get two slices, just like a sandwich, perfect for filling. The more adventurous can also cut the dessert in three and thus create two different layers of filling.

Stuff the dove with lemon cream

The first idea for filling the dove is one of the most classic: the Lemon cream. Basically you will have to prepare a lemon custard and then use it for the filling. This cream will also be lightened with whipped cream so as to make everything even better.

Green light for adding fresh fruit such as diced strawberries or berries.

Stuffed with cream and strawberries

Cream and strawberries are one of spring combinations for excellence. Using them to stuff the dove is an excellent idea if you want to personalize this Easter cake without going into too complex preparations. Use of whipping cream already sweetened plant-based because it is more soda and able to better support the weight of the dove. The strawberries instead they will be cut into thin slices or reduced to cubes e seasoned with lemon juice and sugar. The liquid that forms from the marinade is excellent for soaking the base of the dessert.

Colomba filled with chocolate cream

Gourmands cannot fail to appreciate the chocolate-filled dove. Whether it’s a layer of hazelnut creamperhaps made even richer with cream, or a chocolate custard the result will be nothing short of irresistible.

Then, wanting to identify some ingredients that go well with chocolate, the mind goes to coconutto be added in flakes or in flour, the chopped hazelnuts, almonds or other dried fruit.

Mascarpone also goes very well with chocolate, to be added directly to the cream.

The stuffed dove can be prepared both on Easter morning and the day before. We advise you to take advantage of the realization because in this way the sweet absorbs some of the moisture of the cream, becoming one. Also, you will have less effort to cut it.

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