Acacia flowers: uses in the kitchen

In the air they give off a sweet scentare a symbol of candor and innocence and boast excellent properties. It is no coincidence that the uses of acacia flowers are many and all interesting. They lend themselves both in the herbal and phytotherapeutic fields, they are appreciated for ornamental and also culinary purposes. In fact, acacia flowers they are edible and, like pumpkin ones, they marry a many different recipes.

What plant is acacia or pseudo acacia

With the name Acacia it refers to a different number of plants, but above all it is used to indicate thecommon acaciai.e. the Robinia pseudoacacia.

It is a plant of the family of FabaceeOf american origin, now widespread in Europe as well as in Asia and is the variety appreciated in the kitchen. It is strong and resistant and for this also symbol of immortality and luck.

It grows tall and luxuriant, with oval green leaves and many thorns on the branches. The acacia flowers, which bloom from the second half of April onwards, are color bianco-crema, gathered in clusters and with a pleasantly intense aroma. They are also the only edible part of the plant, which is also toxic to humans.

Properties and benefits of acacia flowers

Acacia flowers have surprising properties. They are used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy especially for:

  • carminative, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore for intestinal problems e related to digestion. An infusion after meals, and especially in the evening, reduces abdominal swelling and gastric reflux.
  • Emollient and balsamic properties. Acacia flowers are an excellent natural remedy to help the gum health, fights infections of the mouth and oral cavity. They are also suitable for sore throat, pharyngitis e seasonal evils.
  • They are also a concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts, excellent for counteract spring fatigue and states of fatigue. They are, moreover, vision support and the correct functioning of the metabolism.

What can be done with acacia flowers: the uses

Like any other edible floweracacia flowers also find wide food use. They are good for you and you can eat them practically all, except in case of specific allergies.

They are excellent fried in batter. I am an ingredient for herbal teas and infusions, fragrant risottos e omelettes. And they lend themselves to the preparation of syrups and jams. They can also be added fresh to salads and desserts homemade sweets.

Furthermore, as a nectariferous plant, the acacia is much appreciated by bees which produce a honey from the flowers fine honey and great for health.

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