Advanced pasta: 10 recipes to try

It has happened to all of us to cook more pasta than necessary, we often exaggerate with the doses for fear that the diners will be left with an empty stomach. But what about the leftover pasta? It certainly doesn’t throw away! First because grandmothers taught us that nothing is thrown away in the kitchen and second because in this moment more than ever we need to minimize (until it disappears completely) the food waste and the voices of the great chefs have also been added to the domestic voices in this message. Whether it is leftover spaghetti oh you plenty of tortellinithe advancing dough it doesn’t end up in the trash but it can become one great resource for making salvage dishes even tastier than the “originals”. Let’s see how to bring it to the table 10 advanced pasta recipes unique flavor with zero waste.

The pasta omelette: a classic that never tires

It is an ancient dish of the Neapolitan culinary tradition, born precisely for recover leftover pasta seasoned with what the pantry offered. Little ones cured meat clippings, cheese crusts, leftover sauces and so on. But be careful, let’s not confuse the pasta omelette with a jumble of ingredients combined at random, even in recovery recipes it is necessary create balances of flavors and aromas. The pasta omelette it is undoubtedly the mother recipe of all advanced pasta-based preparations. In the original version it is prepared with spaghetti, but any long pasta is perfect for this recipe. Eggs cannot be missing in this omelette, they will be the binding and protagonist element together with the pasta. For the perfect success of Spaghetti Frittata, and omelettes in general, there are special pans on the market that help in the always difficult operation of overturning. This traditional recipe is the queen of leftover pasta in the panbut can in turn be revisited by adding a touch of sophistication creating delicious fried spaghetti nests or in the oven, a single portion also suitable for a captivating aperitif.

Leftover baked pasta with béchamel

It is a very quick recipe that in a few minutes, and in a few steps, allows you to put one on the table creamy white baked pasta and tasty. To enrich this preparation you can add aromatic herbs and spices at the bechamelbut also small cubes of ham, bacon or vegetables (perhaps those that lie withered at the bottom of the refrigerator drawer).

Baked pasta with mini meatballs

To get everyone at the table to agree, just serve them meatballs. This is a kind of unwritten law but it is always valid. That’s why the baked pasta with meatballs it is one of the most welcome recipes when it comes to recovery preparations. From a first course you will get a unique dish suitable for many occasions.

Noodles in a mess

The recipe of messy noodles is the demonstration that an advanced pasta can become a dish for parties or special occasions. This preparation falls into the comfort food category and is prepared with leftover noodles and different fillings according to taste: meat sauce, peas, mushrooms and bechamel, cheeses and much more.

Baked pasta with broccoli and melted cheese

Creamy and crunchy at the same time, the recipe for baked pasta with broccoli and stringy cheese and also vegetarian. Suitable therefore to satisfy the tastes of those who follow a meat-free diet, this preparation is perfect for using up leftovers. The Advice? Before putting it in the oven, sprinkle it with a mix of grated Parmigiano Reggiano and breadcrumbs scab that will be created on the surface will make it irresistible.

Leftover pasta botched with ragu and mozzarella

Another fabulous idea is the leftover pasta botched. The ragù and mozzarella are bound together in this recipe that has all the flavor of home. For this dish it is best to use one short pasta such as penne, rigatoni, mezze Maniche or fusilli.

Timbale of leftover pasta with mushrooms

Even the mushroom pasta timbale it is a recovery recipe that has nothing to envy to great preparations. You can use mixed fresh mushroomsbut also dried mushrooms (just rehydrate them in warm water for 15 minutes before adding them to the preparation). To make this recipe spectacular, use one donut mold well buttered.

Creamy rigatoni pie

One of the characteristics that make a first course unique is its creaminess. The rigatoni pie envelops the palate and delights it with its sinuous texture. It is a recipe based on tomato sauce that you can integrate with meat, sausage and vegetables as you like. In this preparation, the stringy cheeses such as mozzarella, scamorza and smoked scamorza.

Baked spaghetti timbale with fennel

Leftover pasta can also become a light and vegetarian dishproves it baked spaghetti timbale with fennel. To make this recipe light, you can prepare one bechamel without butter and with just the extra virgin olive oil, the taste will increase and the guilt feelings will decrease.

Neapolitan pasta omelettes

The Pasta’s omelettes they are served in Naples in pizzerias and are considered an appetizer (not exactly light but certainly tasty). These fried omelettes made from spaghetti or bucatini, are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and are a real treat for the palate. They are ideal for an aperitif but also for a rich brunch.

How long does leftover pasta last in the fridge

Put it in a bowl and dress it with extra virgin olive oil, then cover it with plastic wrap or seal it in an airtight container. It will keep for 2 days.

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