Advent calendar 2022: here are some biological themed proposals

When Christmas is upon us, there’s no better way than to wait for it with an Advent Calendar. From December 1st every day becomes a special occasion to prepare for magic of Christmas. In recent years, many brands have created their own Organic Advent Calendar, a solution that seems to convince consumers more and more. Let’s find out some organic-themed proposals and ideas together!

Advent calendar with organic seeds

For some years the Advent Calendar with organic seeds has become a very popular idea for those looking for something different. Whether it’s store-bought or handmade, this calendar is truly special: it lasts. Well yes, every day you can open your paper bag and find gods inside seeds to plant in February or later. In this way, the magic of Christmas will never completely leave you and in addition you will have very special plants! Magic Garden Seeds, for example, annually creates an Advent Calendar with organic seeds of all kinds: there is one dedicated to wild flowers, vegetable gardens, herbs and so on. If, on the other hand, you want a diy calendarjust buy your favorite seeds in an organic shop or in a greenhouse, choose where to place them (for example in a bag, in small boxes or in illustrated paper bags) and place them in the house wherever you prefer!

Organic spices

For those who love food but want something more particular than the classic chocolates, they can opt for 24 different spice blends. In this way, it will be impossible not to amaze friends and relatives during the holidays with unexpected dishes and explore recipes Worldwide! From gingerbread to chili con carne, waiting for Christmas is going to be really tasty. You just have to choose the organic spices that you love most and, guided by fantasy and imagination, create your own Advent Calendar! Alternatively, you can try some products on the market such as the Austrian brand’s organic spice Advent Calendar Sonnentor or the test-tube spices of“Spice Emporium” …to you the choice!

Organic teas

Bernard-Paul Heroux said that “There is no problem so great or serious that a good cup of tea cannot alleviate it.” What is certain is that a cup of tea a day makes thewaiting for Christmas even more special. In this case you can create the your biological calendar selecting yourself, for each day, the tea blend which you love the most. Alternatively, even for this year some of the most famous tea brands have thought of an organic Advent Calendar. For example, English Tea Shop has created 25 100% recyclable and compostable boxes that contain a selection of 13 different varieties of tea and herbal teas. From black tea to green tea, from herbal and fruit infusions to mate: on Christmas day, however, a surprise for you! Also Cupper has thought of 12 different types of tea and organic infusions, 100% natural (such as Lemon and Ginger, Blueberry and Raspberry, White Tea with Raspberry, etc.) and with biodegradable filters.
Pukkaon the other hand, doubles its organic blends to 45, offering 2 tea bags each day to share with those you love or to enjoy at different times of the day.

Also choose a consumption for these holidays sustainable, biological ed ecological it is the best way to approach a sustainable life that puts nature and the environment first. Even in a small way and with a little creativity, we can make a difference on this planet.

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