All Saints Day and Day of the Dead: traditional dishes in Italy

In our country All Saints and the Day of the Dead they are heartfelt anniversaries, which many celebrate around a table, savoring their sweet tooth dishes. The tradition He wants the deceased to visit their loved ones on these days and then return to the afterlife and that substantial dishes be prepared for this long journey. The protagonists of the menu are the autumn products and the assortment they are the most varied.

1 Chickpea soup and ribs

From Piedmont among the typical dishes of the Day of the Dead emerges the chickpea soup and ribs. This, rich in nutrients and substance, is proposed as unique dish. The preparation of this soup dates back to ancient times, when i ceciwhich were often accompanied or replaced by other legumes, were the basis of the diet poor. Over time, in addition to traditional verdure of season, the carne.

2 Canavesana soup

Another original recipe stands out among the main dishes on the table on All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day Piedmontese: the canavesana soup. To prepare this dish it is necessary to cook it in a pan cabbage con lard and bacon and then wet it with the broth. Then, gods contribute to complete the preparation croutons of toasted bread, au gratin in the oven with cheese.

3 Risotto with chestnuts

Among the first courses prepared for the Day of the Dead and All Saints we find the risotto with chestnutsfrom flavours autumn. To prepare this dish it is necessary to gradually add some peeled and crumbled chestnuts to the rice which is cooking with the broth. The rosemary it is the key ingredient for flavor.

4 Cabbage and walnuts

Throughout Italy the cabbage it is among the most cooked vegetables in autumn and they are also an excellent side dish for November 1st and 2nd. To prepare it in the traditional way it is necessary to cut it into small pieces and cook it in a pan with butter and onion, then deglaze with del broth vegetable. When forming a crema dense it is possible to proceed with the plating by garnishing with the nights.

5 Bread of the Dead

Among the typical dishes of the Day of the Dead this dessert to be eaten in the night between 1 and 2 November it plays an important role. Originally from Nord today it is prepared in different parts of Italy. It is a dish of origin peasant woman, born from the assembly of common ingredients. In the Bread of the Dead we find then: biscotti dry crumbles e fruit dry. Today the most versions nobles contemplate the use of cocoa, wine and other products.

6 Bones of the Dead

For All Souls Day and All Saints Day these biscotti of Sicilian origin are among the inevitable dishes. They, with their typical form elongated, they are sweet, crunchy and often have notes spice dates from the use of cinnamon or cloves. The preparation involves the use of a few simple ones ingredients: flour, sugar and water.

7 Chestnut

In different parts of Italy to conclude the lunch of 1 or 2 November the chestnut it is inevitable. This food, of origin Tuscany, is prepared using chestnut flour. It’s about a focaccia sweet, enriched with uva passes and pine nuts strongly flavored with rosemary.

The typical dishes of All Saints and of the Day of the Dead are, in our country, a lot numerous how much vari. What stands out is the commune origin tradition of traditional recipes, which link the Festival to an atmosphere of conviviality in which, since ever, unite sacredly, profane and legendary colours. Gluttony certainly benefits from this.

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