All the sweet snacks from Harry Potter: from jellies to chocolate frogs!

An explosion of flavours: let’s discover all the sweets from Honeydukes, the delicacy shop in Hogsmeade, from the magical world of Harry Potter.

In 1997, JK Rowling began her celebrated book series with the publication of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” the first of seven best-selling novels that today have a huge fan base around the world. The release of the video game “Hogwarts Legacy” on February 7, 2023 is just one more example of the global phenomenon of Harry Potter mania, which has infected a large audience.

Today we want to introduce you to the world of Harry Potter sweet snacks… are you sure you know them all?

The chocolate frogs

Chocolate frogs are one of the most famous sweets in the Harry Potter books and come in a package that includes a milk chocolate frog and a collectible figurine. The latter depicts the most powerful wizards and witches of the saga and is accompanied by a short biography on the back. Plus, the figurine is animated, just like the original, making it a must-have item!

Jellies all flavors +1

Gelatin all flavors +1
Gelatin all flavors +1

If you are brave enough to try “all flavors plus one” jellies, Jelly Belly candies are perfect for you! These candies are ideal for parties and evenings with friends or family, as they reproduce exactly the same flavors as the famous jellies. The box, which can be bought on many sites and also on the official site, in the sweet cartcontains 35 grams of candies with 20 different colors, each corresponding to a good taste and a really bad one. If you decide to try your luck, make sure you have water and napkins on hand in case you happen to taste a rotten egg or snot.

the donkey

Flying Cauldron’s Butterbeer is a great drink to enjoy, perhaps while rewatching all the Harry Potter films. The drink can be easily bought online, is very similar to the original, and is non-alcoholic and sweet to the taste. It is being sold in individual bottles and it tastes delicious, however, it’s important to remember not to let “muggles” drink it!

More sweet snacks from Harry Potter

At the delicacy shop in Hogsmeade called Honeydukes, there are a large selection of delicious goods, such as Piperillehuge chocolate squares filled with crunchy peppermint, i Choco-creamy balls, layered chocolates with various cocoa flavors. Plus, there are also the pocket-sized treats that all wizards have with them, like the Sugar featherscandies shaped like eagle feathers that have different flavors and colors, i Calderottismall cauldron-shaped snacks filled with caramel, and the Frizzole bees, small balls of lemon, tangerine, orange or citron sorbet that can make those who eat them lift off the ground. The name of the shop, Honeydukes, suggests that every product inside contains a lot of sugar.

May 2: International Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter book
Harry Potter book

Due to the great success of literary works by JK Rowlingin 2012 Harry Potter fans around the world applauded then British Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement that 2 May would be celebrated as International Harry Potter Day in perpetuity.

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