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It seems impossible but it is true, it is possible to cook with the oven off and to obtain perfect and tasty foods also saving time and energy.

There are many techniques to consume less and less and have a lower impact on the bill. Among these, there is also the one that involves cooking with the oven off. Definitely, this technique saves energy, but this is not the only benefit that this method brings. With this technique, you can also avoid wasting time and obtain perfectly cooked food. However, it is necessary to evaluate the right timing to have impeccable cooking. We will therefore explain to you some tricks so as not to miss any details.

Cook with the oven off
Cook with the oven off

How to cook with the oven off

When you are ready to cook, put the dish in the oven as usual. Close the door and immediately turn on the appliance, setting the temperature and the mode indicated in the recipe. You can keep the oven on for half the required time or a little more; if it is a dough, you can turn it off when it appears solidified. Switch off without ever opening the oven, leave the dish inside until the time required for preparation is reached, or a few more minutes. During this time, the heat already present in the appliance continues to circulate, allowing the food to continue cooking.

Tips for good cooking with the oven off

Once the appliance has been switched off and left closed, the heat can continue to act on the dishes. An excellent trick, to obtain faster and more uniform cooking, is to set the oven in ventilated mode, to allow the heat to circulate more freely. A false myth to dispel, however, is the one about preheating the oven. Especially the more recent ovens do not need to be preheated, because the cooking time remains unchanged, even if you do not proceed with this operation. All you need to do is have the pan you need ready, so you can put the food in the oven right away. Be careful, however, not to bake substances that are too cold, the best advice is that they are at room temperature. With all these tips, for faster cooking, you can also save on your bill: the energy savingturning off the oven first, wanders around around 0.35 kWh.

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