Alternatives to coffee: how to replace it every day

The caffeine it has an important energy contribution to our body and many people consume coffee, at breakfast or during the day. However, consuming it in excessive quantities can do a lot of harm, plus many suffer from allergies or intolerances to this substance and for this reason they are looking for alternatives to coffee.

Even if it might seem impossible, don’t despair, because there are so many other drinks and products that you can consume while getting theenergizing and stimulating effect of caffeineenjoying a similar or unexpected taste.

In fact, for some products, the gusto reminiscent of coffee, as in the case of decaffeinated coffee, while other products, such as barley, ginseng or vegetable and cereal drinks in general, have a completely different taste.

After all, coffee is a food habit and, like all habits of our diet, it can be changed to switch to good and healthier alternatives to coffee for your own needs.

There are instant drinks, capsules for coffee machines and even the perfect mocha powders for replace the coffee without taking risks.

But what are the best alternatives to coffee?

Alternatives to coffee without caffeine: decaffeinated coffee

Usually those who have to or want to exclude coffee from their diet are motivated by the need to eliminate caffeinea substance that can lead to side effects such as nervousness, insomnia or increased blood pressure.

For this reason, the first valid alternative to coffee is decaffeinated coffeea drink obtained from the processing of coffee beans which contains a very small amount of caffeine compared to traditional coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee tastes similar to traditional coffee, but can have a slightly different texture due to the manufacturing process and, of course, has less stimulating effects on the nervous system compared to regular coffee.

There are decaffeinated soluble coffees, i.e. which are simply prepared with hot water in the cup, a bit like they do in America, as in the case of the 100 gram pack of Nescafè Gran Aroma Relax Decaffeinated.

Nescafè Gran Aroma Relax Decaffeinated

Nescafè Gran Aroma Relax Decaffeinated

Machine lovers, on the other hand, can count on different brands for capsule decaffeinate, with a decaffeinated blend whose taste is not altered thanks to the hermetic seal typical of the capsules. Naturally, it is advisable to clean the machine to remove any coffee residues from the previously used capsules.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Decaffeinated Espresso is one of the brands that created the deca capsules, for its machines and those compatible with the capsules.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Decaffeinated Espresso

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Decaffeinated Espresso

And if you like to drink cappuccino for breakfast? No problem, you can prepare a decaffeinated cappuccino even in a few minutes, for example with water-soluble powders.

NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino Decaf is a decaffeinated soluble cappuccino that is simply prepared by adding hot water to the cup. Just mix until you get the desired foam.

NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino Decaf

NESCAFÉ GOLD Cappuccino Decaf

Alternative drink to coffee: barley drinks

Another alternative to coffee, ideal for those who also have problems with the consumption of decaffeinated coffee, is barley drink, which has a slightly bitter taste and roasted aroma, similar to that of coffee. Since barley contains less chlorogenic acid than coffee, this drink is ideal for those who suffer from stomach problems or acidity.

Being completely caffeine-free (or with few traces, in any case reported by the producer) is often consumed in the morning by those looking for a flavor similar to coffee.

There are also solutions suitable for the moka, for those who don’t want to give up the scents and sounds of this machine, such as Nestlé Orzoro from 500 grams.

Nestlé Orzoro 500 grams

Nestlé Orzoro 500 grams

The brand also created Nestlé Barley Soluble Barleyto prepare the drink by adding only hot water or milk.

Nestlé Barley Soluble Barley

Nestlé Barley Soluble Barley

Replace coffee with ginseng

A very tasty alternative with a sweeter aftertaste than a normal coffee is the ginsenga herb native to Korea, China and Japan, traditionally used to improve health and energy.

There are several brands that have created some capsule al ginseng which, however, have traces of caffeine. To exclude it completely, it is necessary to purchase products where the absence of this element is indicated.

There are for example some capsules with ginseng extract but without caffeine; therefore, also ideal for those who have a coffee machine and want to exclude coffee completely.

Capsules are an example of this Barley Bimbo Barley and Ginsengcompatible with Nespresso machines, which feature barley, a natural caffeine-free food, and ginseng, which gives a strong and rich taste.

Barley Bimbo Barley and Ginseng

Barley Bimbo Barley and Ginseng

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