Anti-waste recipes: how to recycle vegetables and leftovers

Did you know that every year more than a third of the food produced in the world is thrown away? Food waste is unfortunately the order of the day but we, in our own small way, the kitchen at home, can change things… how? For example, using those parts of the ingredients that are usually discarded or creating new dishes with leftovers left in the fridge!

By following our recipes you will discover how to make delicious ones vegetable peel chipsa tempting one leek porridge and the originals bruschetta with broccoli cream for a zero waste aperitif. Or you could use that pot of yogurt nearing its expiration date to prepare some pane naan allo yogurt soft and fragrant to accompany perhaps with a creamy hummus with artichoke stems!

Here you will find not only many innovative ideas but also some typical recipes of peasant cuisine, such as sautéed broad bean peel o to stale bread cake… demonstrating the fact that sustainability is not a fashionable concept but a necessary choice that we can easily put into practice even in the small gestures of everyday life!

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