Appetizer, sandwiches with herring

Appetizer, sandwiches with herring

First of all, we cut the bread, cut it into small rectangular pieces, such that it is convenient to eat.
Then we take mayonnaise and grease each piece of bread with it,
It is convenient if the mazik is in a bag, then we take green onions and finely chop.
We send all this into a flat plate, and then with a slight movement we lower each piece of bread with mayonnaise into the onion, quickly, conveniently and already beautiful.
Then the fillet, cut into pieces, approximately comparable to slices of bread, do not dry the herring completely, let enough oil remain on it, it will drain and soak the snack.
We move the waterfowl to the bread and you’re done!
Despite the fact that it is very simple, the taste will be just fire, everything will be swept away without a trace,
Bon appetit!

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