Apple jam with barberry – a simple and tasty recipe, how to cook step by step

If you like thick and fragrant jam, then you should try to cook apple jam with barberry according to my recipe. This jam is suitable as a filling for bagels, pies and cakes. It can be spread on bread and it does not spread.

Step by step cooking recipe

Wash the apples well, remove the skin, cut into slices and remove the middle. Sprinkle the apples with sugar and leave for 6-9 hours for the fruit to release the juice.

Put the jam on medium heat and cook for 1 hour.

Add sweets to the jam and cook for another 15 minutes.

At the end of cooking, add vinegar, boil for another 5 minutes and transfer to sterilized jars. Roll up and store in a pantry or basement.

Julia Tsion

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Julia Tsion

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