Aromatic herbs: which are the best to grow on the balcony?

The herbs they can become a great resource in the kitchen and the good news is that many of them are easy to grow and are therefore perfect for creating small vegetable gardens on the balcony. Pay attention to exposure e humidity of the soil in the pots remain priorities, but the effort required is often minimal. From mint to thyme, through rosemary and chives, the options they are very many.

1) Basil

Prince of balcony herbs is the basil. The life cycle of him is annual and plants do not survive below gods 10 °C. The loam must always be humid and exposure to luce never directed. To the leaves are attributed property anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

2) Rosemary

Another excellent choice for creating a small vegetable garden on the balcony is rosemary. It requires no details cure e fits well in different climates. The plant is a panacea for the respiratory and digestive systems.

3) Timo

In a herb garden on the balcony the timo appears inevitable. The plants generally do not exceed i 20 cm tall and are scented and pleasing to the eye. Thyme resists good in hot and cold and doesn’t require much water. Do, then, from anti-inflammatory it’s yes stress reliever natural and is especially beneficial for the respiratory system.

4) Ask

It is also excellent for flavoring salads and soups or for creating fresh cocktails demand. Plants are a lot resistant and grow well both in partial shade and in direct light. It is essential, however, that the soil is rich in organic substances e marrow good water.

5) Chives

Among the aromatic herbs able to grow well in pots on the balcony, thechives. This, excellent antibacterial natural, and rich in vitamin A, B and C. It is also very resistant and grows well even in full sun. Maintain humid the ground remains, however, crucial.

6) Parsley

The great protagonist of fish-based recipes is the parsley, very simple to grow in pots. It is best to place plants outdoorsshadow and constantly check that the ground remains humid. Parsley is rich in vitamins e mineral salts and exerts a powerful action antioxidant. However, the leaves must be consumed crudeso as not to alter its properties.

7) Marjoram

Among the most suitable choices for our corner of aromatic herbs on the balcony we find the marjoram. This is perfect for giving a unique touch to roasts and meats in general, it resists heat well and does not require large quantities ofwater. The plants also reach a height of 50 cm.

8) Oregano

For those who love the flavors of tradition have available Origan fresh in quantity is almost a must. Typical plant of the Mediterranean maquis, this resists well to heat and to shortage of water. The leaves, with a unique flavor, contain mineral salts, vitamins and antioxidants.

In short, creating a small garden of aromatic herbs on the balcony is simple and little space it should not be considered an insurmountable obstacle. Then, everyone can choose the varieties to plant according to their own lord. L’laurelwith its ability to induce sleep and calm rheumatic pains, or the salviawhich when fried can even become the main ingredient of a dish, are other options not to be overlooked.

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