Artists of Panettone 2022: the program with Chiara Maci on Sky

Clare Maci

Artisti del Panettone 2022 is back live on Sky from 19 to 22 December: the blogger Chiara Maci will be the host.

The Artisti del Panettone program, produced by Food Media Factory and Level 33, returns to television during the Christmas holidays with four special episodes. The best Italian pastry chefs will compete to create original Christmas recipes inspired by the most famous of all Christmas desserts: the artisan panettone. The program debuts on Sky and is available in streaming on NOW from 19 to 22 December at 17:00. The blogger Chiara Maci will be the presenter of the program.

Artists of Panettone 2022: the program hosted by Chiara Maci

In four episodes, the pastry chefs will focus on creating original recipes, all Christmas-themed and which can also be made at home, to inspire viewers and encourage them to make surprising holiday treats. Clare MaciTV host and author, will provide commentary and trivia to both viewers and chefs as they prepare their dishes.

The first episode sees the master pastry chef as the protagonist Lucca Cantarin who will provide his personal version of the famous French specialty French toast. This dish is made up of waste ingredients but becomes a real treat for the palate. Robert Rinaldinithe three-times world champion of pastry and ice cream, will bring his Christmas Cake with the scent of coffee and cinnamon, while Paolo Sacchetti will prepare the Alberello of chocolate and orange.

Clare Maci
Clare Maci

The second episode begins with the preparation by the Master Andrew Tortora of the Sweet Christmas breakfast, which consists of a tray of Christmas biscuits, the barbajada (a chocolate and coffee drink), and the ever-present pandoro. A particular donut made with puff pastry, called Sfogliolato, will instead be brought to the table by the great leavener Vincenzo Tiri while Santi Palazzolo will propose his Perla di Sicilia.

Third and fourth episode

In the third episode, scheduled for November 21st, the pastry chef Riso Saltwinner of the Panettone World Championship 2021 and Panettone Artists 2019, will present to the public a spiced coffee-flavored Rococo cake, while Andrea Besuschio leaves you speechless opens with its scenic Vortex chocolate cake with caramel hazelnut. The supreme Montebianco, one of the sweets most loved by the general public, is brought instead by Vincent Santoro.

Joseph Pepe performs his irresistible interpretation of the Christmas log, declined in snow white with lime, in the final episode of 22 December. To get back in shape for the holidays, Francesco Borioli of the Infermentum Laboratory surprises Chiara Maci and the general public with a delicious recipe called Christmas pinzimonio, which consists of a fried pandoro accompanied by various creams, such as chocolate ganache, creme anglaise, zabaglione and moscato. Last in the episode will be Carmen Vecchione, who will present her version of the Christmas cake with chocolate, tonka bean and oranges.

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