Asparagus and strawberry salad, the rich side dish you don’t expect

Never underestimate the importance of a side dish especially if prepared with important ingredients as in the case of this asparagus and strawberry salad.

Salads are the side dish par excellence. Simple and quick to prepare, they are often mistreated not only in the seasoning but also in the realization. In fact, we limit ourselves to transferring the variety of salad chosen, a round of oil, one of vinegar and salt into the salad bowl. But today I want to prepare the asparagus and strawberry salad with you.

This apparently unusual matching, works great because of the complementary flavor of these two ingredients. The result will be a healthy and seasonal salad, perfect for a light dinner.

In light recipes, asparagus is widely used not only for its low caloric intake, but also because it contains a fair amount of fiber from the candies satiating. The balsamic vinegar-based dressing enhances all the flavors to perfection. You just have to try!

Asparagus and strawberry salad
Asparagus and strawberry salad

How to prepare asparagus and strawberry salad

  1. About a couple of hours before serving the salad, cut the strawberries in half and transfer them to a bowl with water and a spoonful of white vinegar. In this way their perfume will be exalted.
  2. Then move on to cleaning the asparagus. Flex the final part of the stem: it will break at the point where the soft part becomes woody. Then rinse them under running water.
  3. Cook the asparagus in a pan large enough to accommodate them lying down for 5 minutes in lightly salted water.
  4. When the asparagus is ready, cut it in half lengthwise and transfer it to a flat plate. Arrange the well-drained strawberries on top and season with extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar balsamic.
  5. If you like, you can also add leaf salad of the variety you prefer to the base of the dish.

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