Ate and sleep. The truth (and myths) about eating at night

Not when, but what and how much

In fact, dinner may be late. It’s not time that matters, it’s diet and calories. For example, if your daily allowance is 2000 kcal, and by eight o’clock in the evening you received 1500 during the day, you have another 500 in reserve. Eight, nine in the evening – it does not matter, just do not go beyond the daily allowance. And watch how many calories you burn. By consuming more than you spend, you will definitely begin to gain – at what time you would not eat.

Take it easy, take it easy

As for the diet. Evening (for many, even at night) snack should be light. The ideal option is something like yogurt or eggs. If this does not satisfy you, choose steamed vegetables, foods containing vegetable protein (for example, legumes), cottage cheese. And if the body requires sweets, eat some fruit or chocolate (dark). Your task is to muffle the feeling of hunger. Not only a plate of spaghetti or sandwiches will cope with this, believe me.

Yes, and whatever you eat, control your portion sizes. Decided to indulge in chocolate? No need to eat a whole tile (although this is understandable).

What to Consider

Try not to eat right before bed. The pause between eating and going to bed should be at least two to three hours. Otherwise, you are threatened with heaviness in the stomach and nightmares in a dream (this is not excluded).

Sitting down for a late dinner, do not accelerate: eat a little and take a break for twenty minutes. Perhaps then you will feel that you are already full and will not continue.

Drink water before meals – liquid can make you feel hungry. Just do not get carried away – a lot of liquid at night is also not very good.

Vitamin C fruits, coffee (and tea too), alcohol, sweets, red meats, spices are all stop-offs for a late-night snack. Vitamin C, tea and coffee, spices invigorate, alcohol dehydrates, sweets – everything is clear here. And red meat takes a long time to digest.
Think before you pick up a spoon or fork. Or rather, listen to yourself. Are you really hungry or have nothing to do? We often confuse one with the other and climb into the refrigerator to fill a pause, survive stress, or just out of habit. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry. And skip dinner unless it’s an empty stomach.

Products for a late snack

  • Green vegetables and fruits (bell peppers, cucumbers, apples)
  • White meat
  • A fish
  • Cottage cheese
  • Nuts, lentils

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