Bamboo steamers: how they work and which ones to buy

The bamboo steamers they are traditional tools used in Asian cooking for steaming. They consist of a series of overlapping baskets made of woven bamboo, which allow various types of food to be cooked delicately and evenly.

Thanks to their versatility and the many benefits they offer, they have become popular all over the world. The bambooin fact, is a natural material, which allows a correct steam circulation inside the baskets, allowing food to be cooked evenly. In addition, bamboo absorbs moisture, preventing condensation from dripping onto food during cooking.

Bamboo steamers are used to cook a variety of foods. Steaming preserves the nutritional properties of foodi, retaining the original flavor and delicate texture. In addition, natural steam allows you to reduce the use of oil and fat in food preparation, making it a healthy choice.

So let’s see how to make the right choice bamboo steamers!

What are bamboo steamers for?

The bamboo steamers they are designed for steam cooking, an ancient and healthy culinary technique. They are used to gently cook a variety of foods including vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, dumplings, baozi and more.

The steamers allow you to keep the original flavor of the ingredients intact, while also preserving their nutritional properties. This cooking method is ideal for those who want a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding the excessive use of oil and fat.

Why buy a bamboo steamer

The woven bamboo allows a correct steam circulation inside the baskets, ensuring uniform cooking of the food. This translates into succulent, well-cooked dishes.

The steaming keeps the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of food intact. Unlike other cooking techniques which can lead to a loss of nutrients, steam cooking allows you to enjoy healthy and nutritious food.

Also, in steaming there is no need to use excessive amounts of oil or fat. The natural steam keeps the food moist, avoiding the need to add extra ingredients.

Steaming allows the ingredients to keep their original flavor, without mixing with other aromas. The foods maintain a delicate texture and a fresh and natural flavour.

Finally, the bamboo steamers are easy to use. Simply stack the baskets, add water to the pot below and let it steam. They do not require any special cooking skills and are suitable for both beginners and experienced chefs.

Types of bamboo steamers

There are different types of bamboo steamers useful for cooking at home. The best known is the multi-level bamboo steamer, so called because it consists of a series of stacked baskets. Usually, these steamers have two to four levels, allowing you to cook multiple types of foods at the same time.

The organic bamboo steamer KYONANO is one of them: it has two bamboo shelves with lids linked by a stainless steel ring and includes two reusable cotton cloths.

KYONANO Steamer Basket

KYONANO Steamer Basket

Alternatively, there are the single level bamboo steamers, consisting of a single bamboo basket. It’s ideal for those who need to cook smaller quantities of food or want a more compact option.

The steamer HERIOY it is available in different but single dimensions and is made of bamboo with an aluminum shell.

HERIOY Bamboo steamer

HERIOY Bamboo steamer

Some bamboo steamers are equipped with a cover which helps to retain the steam during cooking. This helps maintain a moist cooking environment and cook food evenly.

In addition to traditional steamers, there are also specialized models for specific purposes. For example, there are steamers designed specifically for preparing steamed desserts or for creating particular shapes such as baozi. More often, models for cooking rice are found, such as the steamer basket Janefly with bamboo bottom for mixing rice.

Janefly Bamboo Steamer Basket

Janefly Bamboo Steamer Basket

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