Barbecue: which one to choose and the best models

Time to barbecue, but which one to choose? There are several options for making an outdoor barbecue, but the most purchased barbecue models are two: gas or charcoal.

Il barbecue it is a grill that is used to cook food outside and can be fueled in different ways, either with a gas cylinder or with charcoal (ie wood transformed into charcoal).

When it comes to figuring out which barbecue to choose, you have to consider several elements related to both the instrument that al context of use. There are large barbecues, others more compact, models with side burners, still others with thermometer or LED lighting and so on.

So let’s see which barbecue to choose!

Barbecue a gas

I barbecue a gas they are a practical and quick solution for cooking outdoors. They work through a gas cylinder that burns under a grill on which the food to be cooked is placed.

Compared to traditional charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues are a lot faster to ignite and to clean. Furthermore, they can also be used in smaller spaces such as balconies.

There are different types of gas barbecues available in the market. The barbecue a gas propano one example: this barbecue uses a tank of liquid propane as fuel, is easy to use, clean and transport and is ideal for those who want to cook outdoors without having to spend too much time preparing the fire.

Il barbecue Ferraboli is one of these, made of cast iron, very simple to use and compact in size.

barbecue Ferraboli

I barbecue a gas naturaleInstead, they use natural gas as fuel, which is supplied directly from the domestic gas line. They are cost effective and do not require refilling or changing gas tanks.

he BBQ ALTIGASI LS Plus Dark Camping, for example, it is approved for methane, with the DUAL GAS system powered by LPG gas which includes the kit for conversion to methane gas.

ALTIGASI LS Plus Dark Camping

ALTIGASI LS Plus Dark Camping

Infine, i charcoal-gas hybrid barbecues combine the convenience of gas with the smoky taste of charcoal. They feature a separate combustion chamber for charcoal and a gas burner for direct cooking.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill, for example, it’s a 3 burner gas and charcoal barbecue that quickly switches from gas to charcoal in less than 60 seconds.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill

Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill

Charcoal barbecue

I charcoal barbecue they are a traditional solution for outdoor cooking and use charcoal as fuel. They are very popular with barbecue enthusiasts for the intense flavor they impart to the meat and the cooking experience they provide.

However, they require more time and effort for lighting and cleaning compared to gas barbecues and may be less practical for use in confined spaces such as balconies.

If it is true that one of the disadvantages of the charcoal barbecue is its size and the commitment it requires in maintenance, it must be said however that there are models of tabletop charcoal barbecuemore compact and easier to use, clean and transport.

Il Portable barbecue SpaireFor example, it is an easy-to-carry charcoal cooking tool that is very suitable for indoor and outdoor barbecues, as well as camping. An excellent solution for those with limited space.

Portable barbecue Spaire

Portable barbecue Spaire

However, the most purchased model is the charcoal brazier with trolley, a barbecue equipped with a lid that allows you to achieve the slow cooking typical of American BBQ but also to protect the grill after use. On the lid there is usually a thermometer for internal temperature control, so you don’t have to constantly open the barbecue to check cooking times.

Beefbutler di ONEconcept is such a charcoal barbecue, made of charcoal wood in smoke construction, closed flap and four ventilation openings that can be opened or closed individually.

Beefbutler di ONEconcept

There are also compact versions of this type of barbecue, which are called barbecue a campana o kettle. It is a model of barbecue on wheels where the food is grilled inside a spherical container.

It is the case of Weber Compact Kettle with enamelled steel lid to be placed on the side of the barbecue once opened.

Weber Compact Kettle

Gas or charcoal barbecue: which one to choose?

In general, the choice between a gas and a charcoal barbecue depends on the personal preferences and give it individual needs. If you want a quick and precise cooking method, a gas barbecue may be the best choice. If you prefer the unique flavor of charcoal and are willing to spend more time preparing and cooking, a charcoal barbecue may be just right for you.

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