Becoming vegan in Italy: fashion or tradition?

Is it difficult to become vegan? In Italy certainly not, considering that many traditional country recipes they are already born vegan, even if they are not defined as such. Every year since 2014 January is the month of Veganuarya term born from the fusion of English words Vegan e January (January). It is a trial month in which those who join receive suggestions on what and how to eat every day by following avegan diet.

Becoming vegan in Italy, the cradle of the Mediterranean diet

Italy, Cilento in particular, boasts the origins of the Mediterranean diet, whose staple foods, to be consumed every day, are verdure seasonal fresh, i cereals integral, i legumes and the fruit fresh. To consume less frequently fish, meat, eggs and cheeses. This means that we Italians have always preferred the plant-based food. after all theItalia is also the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Therefore, becoming vegan in Italy should be something absolutely natural.

Becoming vegan in Italy between labels, controversy and confusion

Therefore, becoming vegan in Italy could be very easy because in a certain sense it is already in our DNA. The problem is that there is a lot of confusion and even a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. For some, in fact, the vegan choice is a poorly nutritious diet, for others it is a fad, for still others it represents a way of thinking that is too rigid. Becoming or being vegan, on the other hand, it’s not a fad or even a diet. Is one lifestylewhich does not only concern nutrition but everyday life at 360°.

The peasant tradition

We have already pointed out how the food pyramids of the Mediterranean diet, and therefore of the Italian one, is based on a large consumption of plant productsespecially in our country variegated. Even the typical recipes of most of the Italian regions testify to the reality of the peasant tradition of the past. Our grandparents and their parents ate mainly cereals, vegetables, which were cheap and km 0 because they came from the home garden and legumes, which were often the only source of protein. Only the luckiest had the opportunity, once a year, to eat meat, or rather when it was decided to kill the house pig or cow.

Regional recipes

Ever heard of pasta and chickpeas, polenta and mushrooms, orecchiette with turnip tops, pasta and beans or more simply pasta with garlic, oil and chilli pepper or tomato sauce? They are just a few of the many traditional Italian dishes who are born vegan even without being labeled as such. Let’s forget about seitan, tofu, tempeh or other ingredients with unpronounceable names. The beauty of becoming vegan in Italy is that you can choose from an immense variety of genuine, good and cheap local products!

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