Beetroot pancakes with caviar sauce, onion and sour cream #Shrovetide2023

Step by step cooking recipe

Boil beets until tender.

Cool and puree with a blender.

Whisk eggs with salt and sugar.

Add soda to kefir.

Add kefir, quenched with soda and beetroot puree to the egg mixture.

Spoon in rice flour and mix thoroughly.

Dilute the dough with water to the desired state.

Before baking, pour vegetable oil into the dough.

Fry pancakes in the usual way.

Prepare herring caviar sauce for beetroot pancakes.

First, chop the onion very, very finely with a knife.

Melt the butter in the microwave.

Mix salted herring caviar, chopped onion, sour cream and butter.

Mix well.

Add lemon juice to taste.

If needed, salt and pepper.

Additional Information

This recipe has an interesting sauce for pancakes. From herring caviar, with onions and sour cream. Very pleasant and tasty.

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