Belgium, a hospital canteen enters a restaurant guide

One of the common places for a hospital is the scarcity of gastronomic offer. Nothing strange, given that during hospitalization the priority is to serve the patient a meal balanced on a nutritional level rather than exciting dishes for the flavour. Finding, however, an environment that guarantees a certain care of the dishes is certainly a sign of civility. A good example can be found in Belgium where a hospital cafeteria ends straight on Gault & Millaufamous guide for restaurants.

Belgium, the hospital canteen on the guide: the route

The award-winning hospital is called Az Groeninge and is located in Kortrijk, Belgium. And he is the first to be recognized by Gault & Millau. In recent years the structure, whose food department is supervised by Arnold Vanheckedid a huge job to improve the quality of its cuisine.

In the last year and a half, the journey has been carried out together with the guide’s consultants Gault & Millau, which according to the structure they have been decisive in making food tastier and more pleasant.

Advice that as i point out top management of the French publication they are not very different from those given to ‘normal’ restaurateurs: that is, cooking simple things with good ones raw material. Some precautions were decisive on fish dishes, sauces and potatoes.

The guide Gault & Millau

The guide Gault & Millau is a guide and annual dedicated to gastronomy. And it is together with the Michelin, one of the world’s leading publications in food criticism. The name comes from Henri Gault e Christian MillauFrench journalists who founded the magazine.

These have made themselves famous as promoters of new kitchenand launched the first edition of the guide in 1972. The Gault & Millau however, it does not only deal with gastronomy, but also has one Wine guide and one dedicated to Golf. If we talk about the publication linked to catering, the excellent realities are indicated by the symbol of 5 hats.

And in Italy?

Food is a great resource for the sick also on a psychological and physiological level, of course. And there are many ways to exploit it. For example, in recent years, the Milanese non-profit organization Good workshops he carried on Special Cook, a kind of talent show in which young chefs, professionals and volunteers cook in hospitals for patients who become tasters and judges. In short, a sort of ward MasterChef, which was also attended by a prominent figure such as Iginio Massari.

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