Bento cake with raspberries – a simple and delicious recipe, how to cook step by step

Bento cake with raspberries


If you want to bake a delicious homemade cake, but it will be too big and there will be no one to eat it, I advise you to pay attention to small and charming bento cakes. Today I will tell you how to cook this with raspberries.


For the biscuit:

For the raspberry filling:

For impregnation:

  • Water
    100 Jr
  • Sugar
    30 Mr

For cream:

Step by step cooking recipe

For the biscuit, beat eggs with sugar until fluffy and add the sifted flour with baking powder.

Pour in warm milk and butter, mix the dough, pour into a mold and bake the biscuit for 20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.

Cool it in the form, wrap it in a film and send it to the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Mash the raspberries and boil them with sugar until thickened. Add starch, mix and let the mass cool.

Whip all the ingredients for the cream in a blender until fluffy and add the coloring according to the instructions.

Boil water for impregnation, dissolve sugar in it, boil the syrup for a couple of minutes and let cool.

Cut the biscuit into 2 cakes and soak.

Put the cream on the cake with a side, and inside – the raspberry filling.

Cover with the second layer and spread the cream all over the bento cake evenly.

Decorate it however you like.

Irina Kovaleva

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Irina Kovaleva

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