Best electric grater: which one to buy

In choosing the best electric grater several elements are involved. It is a kitchen tool that uses an electric motor to grate or mince ingredients, usually cheese, but there are models that can also grate vegetables, dried fruit, chocolate and other foods.

Compared to manual graters, the electric graters they are faster and require less physical effort, which also makes them ideal for people who have difficulty using traditional graters.

They represent, in general, a valid help in the kitchen for grating, are easy to clean and can have different interchangeable bladeswhich allow you to grate the ingredients in various shapes and sizes.

Additionally, some electric graters may be equipped with additional functionssuch as chopping or mixing food.

But what is the best electric grater?

Electric Parmesan grater

There are several models on the market electric Parmesan grateror electric graters specially designed for more or less mature cheese.

The electric Parmesan grater is usually equipped with a very resistant rotating blade in stainless steel, which allows you to grate cheese easily and is large enough to handle large pieces of Parmigiano Reggiano, which are inserted into the grater through a special opening. Typically, the electric Parmesan grater also has an automatic dosing function, which allows you to adjust the amount of grated cheese.

Aries 447 Grati 2.0 for example it is a practical cheese grater with a capacity of 1 kg with a professional stainless steel roller. At the push of a button, grated cheese is poured directly onto the plate.

Aries 447 Grati 2.0

In addition, some electric Parmesan graters are equipped with a container for collecting the grated cheese, making it easier to clean and use. It is the case of Ardes AR7350a compact electric grater with steel toothed roller and dishwasher-safe cheese container.

Ardes AR7350

Electric grater chopper

The electric grater chopper it is similar to the classic cheese graters but integrates functions for shredding foods such as nuts, aromatic herbs, onions and meat. This type of accessory is particularly useful in the kitchen because it saves time and effort in preparing the ingredients.

Unlike traditional electric graters, which are mainly designed for grating food, electric chopper graters are capable of chop the ingredients into very small pieces; therefore, they are suitable for preparing sauces, gravies, pestos and other dishes.

The electric chopper grater is usually composed of a very resistant stainless steel rotating blade, which allows you to easily chop hard or very small ingredients. In addition, the electric chopper grater can be equipped with different accessories for grating and cutting foods in different ways.

The model of electric kitchen grater ADE features 4 extra-sharp inserts to act as a chopper for vegetables and fruit. These removable parts for vegetables are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

ADE Electric kitchen grater

ADE Electric kitchen grater

There are also compact models, therefore less bulky and easy to use, which once used and cleaned can simply be stored in the kitchen drawer. They are not very expensive and do not have a large capacity or capacity, but they are ideal for singles, couples and generally for chopping small quantities of food.

NAVESO is a set of this type, a 4 in 1 Portable Electric Vegetable Cutter with USB charging without container, to be used directly on the plate or pan.

NAVESO Set of Electric Vegetable Cutters

NAVESO Set of Electric Vegetable Cutters

Best professional electric grater

The professional electric grater is a type of electric grater designed for intensive use in commercial and professional kitchens. These models are designed to withstand daily wear and tear and to be used to grate large quantities of food in a short time.

The professional electric graters are equipped with very resistant rotating stainless steel blades and powerful motors that allow you to grate food quickly and evenly.

Most of these models have one bowl that collects foodwhich can be plastic, such as Ariete 449 Gratì Superiora professional electric grater in die-cast aluminum with a transparent bowl that can be stored in the fridge.

Ariete 449 Gratì Superior

Ariete 449 Gratì Superior

In other cases, however, the entire machine body is made of stainless steel, with parts and components that are easy to clean, including the bowl, as in the case of RGV MAXI ESSENTIAL electric grater.

RGV MAXI ESSENTIAL electric grater

RGV MAXI ESSENTIAL electric grater

In general, professional electric graters are available in different sizes and capacities, so that they can also be used at home by those who want a high-quality, high-performance appliance.

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