Best induction hobs: which one to buy

In the search for best induction hobsit is important to consider a set of variables.

Also in Italy we are witnessing, in recent years, a slight increase in the diffusion of induction hobs for a series of advantages that this typology has, linked not only to energy saving.

The question aesthetics it is certainly an important factor during the purchase, especially in the case of a new kitchen: a hob of this type offers a greater appeal than the traditional gas one. There are black models, but also white and eye-catching models.

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But not only that, even there practicality is another important plus point. In fact, cleaning is carried out in a very short time with absolutely high-performance results. A wipe with a rag is enough to clean it evenly.

On the subject of safety however, the induction hob plays a decisively important role. In such a plane there are no flames, we cannot burn ourselves since the surrounding surface remains cold and of course we will never have any gas leaks.

Certainly it must be considered that the pots that we have at home will probably not go well and will therefore have to be replaced. Those used for this hob must be strictly flatwith a ferrous background and which therefore bear the indication of suitability for use, even if to tell the truth there is a solution but not too effective: in fact, some adapter disks capable of adapting any cookware.

Also, on topic costs it is necessary to evaluate the transition from a gas oven to an electric one: to estimate the increase of the capacity of your counter. Naturally that of domestic gas will drop but needless to say that the costs are different.

So what are the best induction hobs?

Better induction hob for quick cooking

To balance the costs that must be taken into consideration in the transition to an induction hob we find one faster cooking (in this case it depends on the power you intend to deliver to your plan) but also more precise.

The quickness is the key element, less time to cook with an absolutely interesting result. And if haste is your companion, just think that in a few minutes we will be able to boil water for pasta and that we can also speed up time thanks to the booster technologya kind of heating amplifier.

CIRRA CBBIH4BFfor example, is an induction hob with Booster function, which allows you to cook ready-to-eat dishes at the same time, offering up to 50% more power for 5 minutes, both for boiling liquids and browning meat.

CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction hob

CIARRA CBBIH4BF Induction hob

But that’s not all: a high-efficiency induction hob, therefore quick to cook, allows you to contain costs and aim for maximum energy savings. Functions such as “pause” or “keep warm” significantly increase this.

AMZCHEF is a hob with booster and pause and keep warm function, which uses a magnetic field to generate heat and radiate heat uniformly, allowing a considerable increase in the speed of the cooking ratio.

AMZCHEF Induction hob

AMZCHEF Induction hob

Induction hobs without heat dispersion

Il induction hob does not cause heat losses which is evenly distributed on the pan thanks to coils that generate a magnetic field. In fact, with induction technology, heat is delivered quickly to the right place, while the surrounding areas stay cool.

This is a cooking mode very efficientwhich allows you to cook only when and as required by the preparation.

Electrolux LIL61443C, for example, is an induction hob that integrates the Power function to instantly irradiate the hob with a high intensity heat wave. It’s ideal for preparing each dish more quickly: you can boil the water for the pasta faster than with traditional methods.

Electrolux LIL61443C Induction hob

Electrolux LIL61443C Induction hob

Best compact induction hob

Replacing a gas hob with an induction hob could be expensive. Those who do not want to proceed with this intervention but may need the advantages of induction cooking can choose a compact induction hobsmaller one that plugs into the electrical outlet.

It’s about compact models, useful for speeding up cooking at home, on the road or in the office. Easy to clean, they are therefore suitable for sporadic use or limited to small pots, such as a plate of pasta for a lunch break at work.

AMZCHEF is a portable 2000W induction hob with silent operation that can even be stored in a kitchen drawer, as it is only 37cm long.

AMZCHEF Induction Plate 2000W

AMZCHEF Induction Plate 2000W

There are also portable models with two burners, which allow you to cook two pots at the same time without taking up too much space. These models are certainly useful for those who need to cook larger quantities of food and want to be able to cook two dishes at the same time.

The induction hob Aobosi it is one of these, portable and therefore easy to carry around, ideal for a family on vacation or to be used in the office by several people.

Aobosi double induction hob

Aobosi double induction hob

How to choose a designer induction hob

I designer induction hobs they are aesthetically very striking models. The most common are those made of black glass blocks, but there are also white or gray models with no marks on the surface.

The induction hob IT843SYW Gorenje white with 4 heating zones received the Reddot Design Award 2018. It’s easy to understand why: it looks like a single top without any profile or indicator, with a contemporary style.

IT843SYW Gorenje induction hob

IT843SYW Gorenje induction hob

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