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Under that severe air, Antonia Klugmann also hides a heart full of love for Romano De Feo, her life partner. Let’s get to know her better!

Antonia Klugmann was born in Trieste on September 2, 1979 (Virgo). Before dedicating herself completely to cooking, she tried the way of cooking law by enrolling at the University of Milan. After a while, however, he realized that he wasn’t really for her and dropped out in the third year to get closer to her true passion. On TV she has earned a reputation as a strict judge, but in reality she is a real one perfectionist.

Let’s find out more on his account (and what he does today, after MasterChef!).

Who is Antonia Klugmann?

Having abandoned the idea of ​​a legal career, the starred chef decides to devote himself completely to cooking, also following some pastry courses and thus finding his true calling.

At the beginning of her career she was a cook at theHarry’s Grill of Trieste and worked his way up in many realities between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. All this has allowed her to climb the top to the very famous television talent show Master Chef Italy: in 2017-2018 in fact he took the place of chef Carlo Cracco among the judges, but he leaves after only one season to devote himself completely to his restaurant. Not only Masterchefs, in fact, he has also participated in other television programs such as “A Mind of a Chef”, “The Girls” by Gloria Guida, “Lessico Famigliare” by Massimo Recalcati and “Master of Photography”.

Antonia Klugmann
Antonia Klugmann

At just 27, he opened his first restaurant, the Antico Foledor Conte Lovaria (in the province of Udine) where he stayed for 4 years. In 2014 it opens instead L’Argine a Vencòin the province of Gorizia and, dal 2015has never failed to obtain a Michelin star, a source of pride for chef Klugmann.

In 2005, Antonia Klugmann had a bad car accident, had to stand still for a year (literally). “I stayed at home for a year, during which my business was growing, harvesting, walking, and studying botany but during that time I found the right key to change and immediately afterwards I threw myself with heart and courage into the adventure of my life“, he reminded Vanity Fair.

The private life of Antonia Klugmann

Severe, tenacious, but with a heart of gold. Antonia is in love with her partner, ugly romansince 2001. It is he who has always been close to her in the worst moments and in the most beautiful ones, encouraging and supporting her in every decision.

Romano, in Gorizia, manages the restaurant together with Antonia The Embankment. There are not many seats: a maximum of twenty. But the work it is what most stimulates and motivates the Triestine, who has declared that she will always put him first, even love. Indeed, it is in her work that Antonia feels fulfilled (she also works up to 16 hours a day!).

The couple lives in the province of Gorizia, very close to the restaurant Collio. “The choosing to stay in the countryside instead it’s all mine: in my family there are no peasant histories, it was me as an adult who wanted it and today I try to make the most of the potential of this choice. Then, I convinced myself over time that it makes a lot of sense to manage a local ‘close to wine“, he reasoned a Vanity Fair.

Who is Antonia Klugmann’s husband, Romano De Feo?

Roman is a noto sommelier. The relationship between him and Antonia seems to be booming.

Despite the great love that binds them, Romano and Antonia have no children, we don’t know the motivation but we know the couple he cares a lot about privacy and it is also for this reason that the companion appears little on the chef’s social channels. On Antonia’s Instagram profileindeed, there is no trace of his face.

How much does it cost to eat at Klugmann’s restaurant?

Peeking the L’Argine menu we immediately understand his philosophy: to enhance the ingredients, the territory and reduce the waste. You can choose between 2 tasting menus and a small selection of à la carte dishes. There is Our menu 6-course or Territory: life in motion with 10 courses. Even with regard to drinking, you can decide whether to choose a bottle from the cellar or opt for two tasting itineraries.

Our 6-course menu costs 65 euros without wine pairing, 95 euros with tasting itinerary. On the other hand, the 10-course Territory menu costs 105 euros without the tasting itinerary, 135 euros with the pairing. All prices exclude water and coffee.

4 curiosities about the chef of the Argine a Vencò

– She was criticized because of her physical form, but she certainly didn’t let herself be influenced, returning those criticisms to the sender: “Who knows why a woman is attacked by its weight whether you lose weight or gain weight. As if we could not be masters of our choices. Yet the body is ours: we should be free to decide in which clothes we feel good, not to suffer the clichés and the gaze of others“, he commented in an interview with Republic.

– In the 2016 is named cook of the year.

– Wrote a book, published by Giunti Publisherentitled “From the heart of courage” in which Antonia tells her story and reveals some of the recipes dearest to her.

– Antonia Klugmann’s restaurant not only has 1 Michelin star, it also has 4 toques for the Espresso Guide and is in the Top 100+ European Restaurant of “Opinionated About Dining”.

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