Blueberries in their own juice for the winter

Blueberries in their own juice for the winter

I suggest you cook delicious blueberry jam in your own juice. In winter, this jam can easily replace any dessert or become an ideal filling for your favorite pies and cakes.


  • Dove –
    500 city
  • Sugar
    200 city
  • Lemon acid
    15 city

Step by step cooking recipe

Before cooking, sterilize the jars and prepare the berries. Rinse them well in water and remove the rotten ones.

Mix pure berries with sugar, and put on medium heat to boil. Stir constantly so that the jam does not burn.

As soon as the jam boils, add citric acid. Mix well and cook for another 5 minutes. Pour the jam into jars and leave to cool in a dark, cool place.

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