Bottle cooler: what it is and best models

I chill bottles they are useful accessories to keep drinks cool on every occasion. A valid aid in the kitchen when temperatures rise and all you want is just a cool drink.

The bottle coolers are made with insulating materials which help keep the cold inside the device. Many models are made from neoprene, which is a strong and insulating material. Other bottle coolers can be made of steel, plastic, metal or other insulating materials.

There are usually two main categories: i cools bottles on the tablewhich can be made of stronger or lighter materials (therefore be transported) ei electric modelsmore effective but for domestic use only.

So let’s see how to choose one chill bottles!

How bottle coolers work

Il operation of the bottle coolers it’s relatively simple. Usually, the bottle is placed in the bottle cooler, which wraps the bottle and thermally insulates it from the external environment. The insulating material helps keep the cold inside the device, preventing the passage of heat from outside.

Some bottle coolers may also have a additional cooling element, such as freezing gel or freezable inserts. These elements are placed in the bottle cooler before using it. When frozen, they release the cold gradually, keeping the bottle temperature lower for a longer period of time.

It is important to note that bottle coolers they are unable to cool a hot bottle in a short time, but can help keep already cold drinks cool for an extended period, for example during a picnic or an outdoor trip.

Cools bottles on the table

Il cools bottles on the table it is the most common model used to keep drinks cold during meals, at home but also outdoors. It is a useful item for those who want to serve wine, champagne, beer or other drinks at the ideal temperature without having to put the bottles in the fridge.

The table bottle cooler usually has a cylindrical or conical shape and can be made of different materials such asstainless steel, which is a strong, durable and easy to clean material. Plus i cools stainless steel bottles they usually feature an elegant and modern design.

They can have a glossy or matte finish, depending on personal preference and some models are available with additional details, such as handles or engraved decorations, which add a touch of style to the product.

Alfi WINE, for example, it is a steel bottle cooler with a capacity of 0.70 to 1 liter in which the double steel wall maintains the temperature of the cold bottles for a long time. With an elegant and modern design, it lends itself to a refined table.

Cools alfi VINO bottles

Cools alfi VINO bottles

The models of cools plastic bottles, however, are made of various types of plastic, such as polypropylene or acrylic. One of the main reasons many people choose plastic bottle coolers is theirs affordable price. In fact, they’re generally less expensive than other materials like stainless steel or glass, making them an affordable choice for those looking for an affordable solution to keeping bottles cold.

I cools plastic bottles they are also light and easy to transport, but can also integrate steel parts to ensure maximum cooling performance. It is the case of Zeller 27353 201 a plastic and steel wine cooler made of brushed stainless steel and high quality plastic with double wall construction.

Zeller 27353 201 bottle cooler

Zeller 27353 201 bottle cooler

Other materials are also used on the market for this accessory and this is the case with cools bottles from concrete tablewhich ensures excellent cooling for a long time.

In fact, concrete has a good cold storage capacitywhich means that once the bottle is placed in the bottle cooler it will stay fresh for a longer time than a bottle left at room temperature.

An example of this model is the cools Buddy’s Bar bottlesmade in concrete, which also protects the support surface from scratches.

Cool Buddy's Bar bottles

Cool Buddy’s Bar bottles

Electric bottle cooler

Il electric bottle cooler is a type of device designed to cool beverage bottles quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional bottle coolers which rely on thermal insulation, electric bottle coolers use an active cooling system to lower the temperature of the bottles.

There are many advantages of an electric bottle cooler, first of all the ability not only to keep a bottle cool for a long time but also and above all to cool a bottle in a very short time.

Of course if you put a hot bottle in an electric bottle cooler, the device will do its best to lower the temperature of the bottlebut the cooling process may take longer than for an already cold bottle.

There are many different models of electric bottle coolers, such as those portable and with small size, which can be carried on the go. The only limitation of these models is that they may not have enough capacity for a bottle of wine, but they are perfect for cans and small bottles.

Il HHJ electronic chiller it is one of these, as it allows you to cool a drink by pouring it directly into the cup or by inserting the can or bottle of beer inside.

HHJ electronic chiller

HHJ electronic chiller

Then there are professional electric bottle coolers, larger in capacity and suitable for use at home, for lunch or dinner. They are useful accessories for bottles of wine or champagne, which you want to keep cool so you can serve them shortly.

Il CASO bottle cooler, for example, is an electric model that cools a bottle of wine thanks to the stainless steel case and with which it is possible to regulate the temperature from 5 to 18 °C.

CASO bottle cooler

CASO bottle cooler

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