Bowl with salmon PP recipe with photo step by step

Legend has it that the bowl was invented by the Buddha himself.
Previously, it was called the “bowl of the Buddha”, now in the modern world it is called bowl (from English), which means “bowl”.

After the end of meditation, the Buddha walked around the city with a deep bowl, and in it the poor people put simple products such as: vegetables, rice, beans and various seeds. The result is a well-balanced meal.

The basis of the modern bowl is still the principle of diversity and balance, only fish, eggs and poultry began to be added to it.

Enjoy your meal!

I consider this recipe PP, because it contains healthy products, there are no harmful additives, the composition is well balanced, saturates with vitamins and microelements.

The salad will look beautiful and neat if you cut all the ingredients into pieces of the same size and shape (for example, cubes).

Important! To make dishes with rice consistently delicious, read the article about the intricacies of choosing rice and the secrets of its preparation.

When adding soy sauce to a dish, it is worth considering that it has a rather salty taste. Reduce the total amount of salt, otherwise you risk oversalting.

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