Brescia: what are the typical dishes of the city?

A Brescia the kitchen is an integral part of everyday life and, to fully experience the named city Capital of Culture 2023taste i typical dishes It is a must. From casoncelli, to bossolà, passing through the spit tradition allows us to build a menu business suit. The ingredients give life to unique preparations, which do not neglect meat, vegetables or cereals.

1 Casoncelli alla Bresciana

The typical ones act as the principles of the traditional dishes of Brescia casoncelli. These are squares, or triangles, of pasta eggy, thin, stuffed with different stuffed. According to some recipes, faithful to the story, in fact, only butter, parmesan and breadcrumbs should be used. The famous “casonsei” of Barbarians however, they include the addition of cooked ham, herbs and meat broth. The seasoning it is strictly based on butter and sage.

2 dirty soup

Among the typical dishes of Brescia can not miss the dirty soup, which is usually served before the skewer. This dish, of origin peasant woman, foresees that the classic rice and chicken soup be enriched, namely “soiled”give her gifts. The latter are nothing more than the innards of the bird.

3 Bigoli with Pestöm

To complete the triptych of the typical first courses of Brescia we find the bigoli with Pestöm. Bigoli are a type of pasta similar to large spaghetti, originally from the Veneto region and made with wholemeal flour, eggs and water. The Plague swelling it is, instead, a coarsely minced fresh salami paste.

4 Typical dishes of Brescia: the spit

The king of typical dishes in Brescia is undoubtedly the spit. To prepare it, you need to pierce pieces of carnewhich may include ribs, wraps, chicken, rabbit or venison, on chopsticks metallic, alternating them. These, which must be of homogeneous and equal weight compositionare inserted into rotary kilns, where they cook slowly, for many hours. The spraying with the sauce based on burro e salvia and goes on.

5 Polenta

A typical accompaniment for the spit is polenta. This is made with corn flour and can be soft or slightly more compact. Its purpose is to collect thedip of the dish to which it accompanies. For a more substantial recipe it is possible to prepare it with cheeses. This variant is called polenta tiragna and it is a real main dish.

6 Beef in oil

Beef in oil is linked to the tradition of Rovato, but is now one of the typical dishes of all of Brescia. To prepare it, it is advisable to choose a cut of young beef, not too fat. Four are practiced on this cutswhich act as pockets to be filled with chopped vegetables and anchovies. The beef then goes flouredfried inolio and shaded in wine. The cooking continues, then, in abundant water, so that a thick is formed gravy.

7 Bossola

Among the typical desserts of Brescia stands out the boss. It’s about a donut with a particularly soft consistency, covered with icing sugar. In theory typical of Natale, it is actually prepared now between October and January. The ingredients are flour, eggs, butter, sugar and yeast and was made famous by the pastry chef Iginio Massari.

The typical dishes of Brescia trace the portrait of a cuisine linked to nature, in which the recipes of origin peasant woman they dominate. The combinations with the renowned come of the area make the gastronomic experience even more complete and the dishes lend themselves as well to a family lunch as to a dinner in an inn.

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