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April is the month that officially paves the way for spring and with it the desire to get in the kitchen. There spending in April it is enriched with fresh and seasonal products that can be cooked with tools of all kinds for fresh and tasty recipes.

It all starts from choice of ingredients: in this month there are many seasonal products often on offer and therefore it is advisable to buy at this time of the year because they reach the right levels of ripeness to be cooked fresh.

Given the variety of products that you can buy in April it is important do the shopping with organization starting with the supermarket trolley. Once purchased it is just as important to have at home fridge and pantry organizers to keep them at their best.

This could also be the right time for buy new small applianceswhich are used to work the purchased products in the best possible way.

Here are tips for one spending in April perfect for this month!

Shopping in April with organization

Shopping in an organized way it can save time and effort, and you can use shopping cart tools and accessories to make your shopping experience even more efficient.

There are various trolley accessories which can make shopping easier and more organized, especially in a period in which buying fresh products is even more advantageous.

An example are just the fresh produce organizerwhich allow you to separate fresh items such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish to prevent cross-contamination and maintain freshness for longer.

The Achilles folding cart bag is one of them, it has an integrated cooling insert for frozen and fresh products which in this way stay chilled for longer.

Achilles Shopping Trolley Bag

Achilles Shopping Trolley Bag

To divide all the shopping inside the cart, however, a practical solution can be that of trolley shelf dividerswhich can be useful for separating items by category or product type.

An example is the set of 4 Original Vibe Trolley bags, or 4 reusable bags of different sizes, to be inserted in the shopping trolley, with handles to be placed on the edges of the trolley. Once emptied, they can be rolled up so as to take up less space in the boot of your car, without the need to take them open to the supermarket.

Trolley Set of 4 Bags

Trolley Set of 4 Bags

Since April opens the door to the warm season, why not take advantage of it for some good bottles of wine to enjoy in the garden? However, this product risks tipping over in the trolley, so to keep them stable and vertical, you can use the bottle holders which reduce this risk.

Reisenthel set of 2 bottle holders is an organizer that holds up to nine bottles per bag and features an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. In addition, it features additional compartments for storing other items such as keys or a wallet.

Reisenthel set of 2 bottle holders

Reisenthel set of 2 bottle holders

Keep fruits and vegetables in season in April

April is the ideal time to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables tasty and tasty, cheaper because it’s fresh and perfect for preparing recipes from this period.

Apples, pears, kiwis, oranges, lemons, strawberries, tangerines and pineapples find their place on the fruit and vegetable shelves of the supermarket, as do asparagus, beets, artichokes, green beans, spinach and zucchini among the vegetables.

But just as it is important to buy seasonal products at the supermarket, it is equally important store fruits and vegetables properly in the kitchenwhether it’s outside or inside the fridge. For this purpose, fruit and vegetable containers come in handy.

Fresh fruits such as strawberries, which begin to be available in the supermarket in April, should be keep in the refrigeratoras they tend to mold easily at room temperature.

Simple refrigerator containers such as TBMaxa set of 3 fruit and vegetable containers with drain basket, stackable in the refrigerator, allow you to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

TBMax Containers for Fresh Food

TBMax Containers for Fresh Food

In April, however, there are several vegetables that can be preserved out of the fridgeprovided they are stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Examples are carrots, onions, celery and garlic.

However, even the toughest vegetables need to be stored in a dry place in the pantry, which is why i vegetable containers. If stored correctly, they can last several weeks.

Snipsfor example, is an onion and vegetable holder with a capacity of 2 kg equipped with a stackable lid that can be removed, a door and side slots for air circulation.

Snips Onion & Vegetable Holder

Snips Onion & Vegetable Holder

Tools for cooking seasonal fruits and vegetables in April

April might be a good time to buy one small appliance or in general one kitchen tool to prepare delicious recipes with fresh seasonal ingredients.

It is no coincidence that one of the most purchased accessories in this period is the centrifuge for fruit and vegetablesan excellent tool for extracting juice from vegetables and fruit and preparing centrifuged juices that are useful for breakfast, a snack or a snack.

FOEHER 800W is the classic model of centrifuge for fruit and vegetables with a cold juice extractor which fills a cup with the chosen juice in just 2 minutes.

FOHERE 800W Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

FOHERE 800W Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Those who can’t wait to enjoy a good orange juice but don’t want or need a juicer, will find a juicer to extract the juice from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges.

The electric ones are certainly more comfortable, like H.Koenig Agr80a professional but economical electric juicer that pours the juice directly into the glass, is silent, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

H.Koenig Agr80 Electric Citrus Squeezer

H.Koenig Agr80 Electric Citrus Squeezer

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