Burger King launches Veggie Steakhouse, the new vegetable sandwich

Also Burger King bets on the trend of vegetable proteins with the addition of a new plant based hamburger bun made with vegetable substitutes for meat. The new sandwich is called Veggie Steakhouse and is a reinterpretation of the classic recipe in a vegetarian sauce Bronx Steakhouse. Although the name may suggest it, the sandwich nevertheless it’s not vegan.

Veggie Steakhouse: Burger King’s new veggie sandwich

According to Burger King, the new sandwich is intended “for all those who are interested in a flexible food approach without sacrificing the taste that characterizes Burger King products”. Unlike the traditional recipe for the Bronx Steakhouse, which is decidedly meat-based, the new Veggie Steakhouse offers a plant-based burger based on vegetable proteins. Similarly traditional bacon is also replaced by vegetable bacon.

In Burger King’s stated intentions during the launch remains the will to expand the offer to intercept those consumers who consider themselves flexitarians; or those who prefer vegetable alternatives to meat without necessarily giving up animal products altogether.

Veggie Steakhouse: veggie ma non vegan

However, be careful not to get confused: although the name may suggest it at first glance, the new Veggie Steakhouse at Burger King it’s not vegan. As the company itself is keen to point out, the sandwich, in addition to burger and vegetable bacon, tomato, onion, salad and BBQ sauce also contains cheddar cheeseproduced from milk, e mayonnaise produced from eggs. The vegetable burger is also cooked on the same plate where ordinary meat burgers are cooked. Nonetheless, the company promises “un risky combination of flavours in full Burger King style”.

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