Camembert baked in the oven

Camembert baked in the oven

First, cut the garlic into small plates, you do not need to cut very thinly.
Next, you need to make cuts in the cheese, we make it like a mesh with cross cuts.
It remains the case for small, collect all the ingredients in a baking dish.

First of all, lay out the cheese, then add the garlic, it must be stuck into the slots and leave a part on the surface.
Lay the sliced ​​baguette around the edges of the cheese.
Leftover garlic can be spread on slices of bread.
Next, spread the sprigs of rosemary, also on the baguette and cheese.
It remains to pour plenty of olive oil over everything and sprinkle with Italian herbs, you can also salt the baguette if you wish, the main thing is not to get salt on the cheese itself.

We send everything to the oven at a temperature of 220 degrees for 15 minutes, you need to monitor the baguette, you can use it to assess the degree of preparation.

Well, that’s all, a simple, but very beautiful and tasty dish is ready.
Suitable for a festive table, and for everyday dinner.

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