Can you freeze olive oil? Everything you need to know

how to freeze olive oil

If you’ve always wondered how to freeze olive oil, here’s a detailed guide on how to proceed and what to expect.

Olive oil is among the most used and appreciated condimentsespecially in the beautiful country. We all have at least one bottle at home, we all know how to best use it and there are also many who enjoy tasting it. Today we will discover how to freeze olive oil so as to keep it longer than the usual 2 years.

how to freeze olive oil
how to freeze olive oil

How to freeze olive oil

Before discovering how to freeze olive oil, it is natural to wonder why do it. There could be several reasons but probably if you have come across this article it is because you have received or purchased too large a quantity of oil to be used for consumption. In this case, freezing it could prove to be a solution.

In fact, you must know that frozen olive oil keeps all its properties unchanged organoleptic and nutritional. To freeze olive oil you can proceed in two ways. The first and simplest is to place it in the freezer bottle, making sure there is a couple of inches of “air” to allow for expansion. The second one involves freezing single doseusing for example the container to create ice cubes.

This second method is certainly the best for the reasons that we will now list, but also the least suitable if the quantities of oil are significant.

We have said that frozen oil retains all its properties once it has been defrosted. However, it should be borne in mind that once brought back to room temperature, a storage area due to the breaking of bonds between the fat mass and the phenolic substances present in the oil. The main consequence of this phenomenon is that the oil will tend to irancidire pretty fast once defrosted.

How to store olive oil

Freezing it is a possible and feasible solution even at home even if it would be more suitable to subject it to a freezing process freezing. If you are still firm on this decision, one idea might be to conserve the oil already flavored with spices and herbs and thus defrost only the necessary quantity.

Conversely, olive oil is kept at room temperature for 2 years from bottling. The instructions to be respected are:

  • keep it in a cool and dry place: the oil begins to crystallize at 12°C and to crystallize below 4°.
  • use dark bottles to keep it away from light.
  • close the cap tightly: oxidation, therefore the contact of the oil with the air, can cause rancidity.

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