Carbonara, the tricks to make it with fish too

Carbonara here, carbonara there. Everyone is now talking about the Roman dishloved in the world and often as well misinterpreted. “To prepare it you only need eggs, pecorino cheese, bacon and pepper. No cream, parsley and bacon”, then back then i squeezed. But there are those who reinterpret carbonara and even make it with fish. Let’s see how.

Carbonara with fish: the preconditions

With carbonara “of sea”, we leave the Apennine hinterland where someone (not everyone) claims the dish was born. The first prerequisite for making it is to admit that something can be called “carbonara”. quite different from the common version.

In reality, seafood carbonara is prepared on the coast of Lazio, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Some say she was born in Riccione in 1944, prepared by a Bolognese cook for the allied troops. According to another hypothesis, it was instead prepared in Rome in 1965 per Paul McCartney.

Having clarified these assumptions, we can proceed with the search for the ingredients. And the composition of the dish. The essential ingredient isegg which is also the reason for this denomination: this, in fact, combined with sea products will give the pasta the yellowish color characteristic allowing to obtain a cream similar to the original.

The fish to use

But how do we replace the jowls? We can do this using three types of fish. Fried in a pan, they can reproduce – even if up to a certain point – the crunchiness of the salami.

An ideal solution, also due to the happy marriage with the‘eggis to use the triptych salmon, tuna, swordfish. Which are very tasty and full of flavor varieties. This fish for the seafood carbonara must be cut into cubes and then pan-fried with garlic and the white wine to blend.

After cooking, we will remove it from the pan and then add it at the end, just like you do with the jowls. However, other fish that look good on the plate are prawns and sea bream (fillet).

Pecorino or Parmesan?

For the pasta format we can stick to the version original and parsley is allowed as a garnish. But the other fundamental question of carbonara with fish is certainly the choice of cheese.

In the recipes you usually find the Parmesan which, amalgamated with egg yolksforms an enveloping cream yes, but a little less savory than that classic with pecorino cheese. And the latter? Does he stay out of the game? No, there are those who usually add it, but cutting it with Parmesan – otherwise the result could be too much strong.

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