Carnival, the best Spanish sweets for the occasion

Spanish Carnival sweets in some cases are similar to ours and vaguely resemble Chatter and at fritters, others are original with respect to our cuisine. Some of these delicacies are prepared throughout Spain, while others are typical of Spain regional cuisine.

Watch out for calories!

Tradition has it that in Spain too the Carnival precedes the period of Lentor the 40 days in which it should be done penance and fasting for Easter. That’s why Carnival goes overboard with everything, including food! The ingredients with which Spanish carnival sweets are prepared simple but very caloric. They are the classic ingredients used in the preparation of desserts, namely eggs, flour, oil and sugar.

Carnival in Spain

Even in the Iberian Peninsula, Carnival celebrations are widespread in practically all cities and towns. Each place has its own local culinary tradition, with sweet and savory recipes typical of this time of year. Wherever there is a parade of floats one or more are organized gastronomic events.

Spanish carnival sweets

Typical of Asturias and Galicia it’s Carnival earswhich as a shape vaguely recall our chatter, and the Pancakes or Beans, similar to crepes. at Canaries if you like it, I don’t knowopas of honeyvery similar to French toast, a sort of bread pudding of Andalusian origin. The lfried eche it is a typical dessert not only of Carnival but also of Semana Santa and is prepared with a cream of flour and milk. From Murciainstead, i arrive eagle fritters, similar to our pancakes, accompanied by hot chocolate. Finally the donutspancakes with a hole that resemble donuts.

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