Carrot salad with smoked chicken for the New Year 2023 recipe with photos step by step and video

Important! The variety, size, quality of potatoes directly affects both the cooking time and the taste and appearance of the dish. For example, for baking or mashing, you need potatoes with a high starch content, for frying – with a low one. If you have used low-starch potatoes that are not intended for baking, they may remain raw even after a long roast, and high-starch potatoes will most likely fall apart and become unattractive when frying.

Mayonnaise is better to cook yourself. It will be tastier and healthier. See interesting homemade mayonnaise recipes here.
Also, as a dressing, you can use not only mayonnaise, but also sour cream or natural yogurt. They can be taken separately or mixed with mayonnaise in any proportion to your taste – this will reduce the calorie content of the dish.

Since the degree of salinity, sweetness, bitterness, sharpness, acidity, pungency is individual for each, always add spices, spices and seasonings, focusing on your taste! If you are adding any of the seasonings for the first time, then keep in mind that there are spices that are especially important not to shift (for example, chili pepper).

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