ChatGPT, the first recipes in the kitchen with artificial intelligence

ChatGPT everywhere, even in recipes. In fact, that’s all we talk about. Similarly, the world of cooking is probing the potential of artificial intelligence to formulate recipes preparations. From the most trivial to the most complex.

How are the recipes of ChatGPT

Various realities and gastronomy sites have tried to use it ChatGPT in recipes, OpenAl’s relational artificial intelligence application capable of simulating and processing recipes human conversations.

Finedining lovers for example, it experimented with some preparations starting from various requests formulated in the app. The warning that the site gives us is to be specific in the requests. And the results are 4 recipesmore or less elaborate (there is the pasta omelette, but also a French chicken with carrots and cream) considered satisfactory.

The judgment of Dissapore which requested ChatGPT was different 3 classic recipes of the Italian tradition. The comment of the site, which has also tried to use the app for reviews, is:

Mediocrity will win, at least in the universe of foodbloggingwhere from now anyone can start publishing recipe sites and be credible“.

How to use ChatGPT in recipes

One thing is certain. No matter how efficient the system is, it will never be possible to think of replacing man with artificial intelligence in the world of cooking.

Yet some prospects for a use intelligent they are already there. And they are linked to the theme of anti-waste. Always Finedining lovers talks about a good solution to recover scraps in the fridge.

This usage of ChatGPT in recipes it would be optimal both for great chefs and for amateur and home cooks. In fact, the former may have an idea to reuse what is left in excess after the service. While the seconds could bypass bloggers or web cookbooks drawing indication directly from the app.

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