Cherries: properties and benefits

08The well-known aphorism also says it: one leads to another. Because they are so tasty that once you start eating them you can’t stop. But, in addition to their taste, there are many other good reasons to bring them to the table cherries, all linked to their extraordinary beneficial effects. Read our article to discover them all: you will be amazed by the many nutrients precious and innumerable property useful for health that are hidden inside these small fruits!

The nutritional properties of cherries

Cherries stand out above all for their very high content of antioxidants: not only vitamin C e carotenoidswhich the body transforms into vitamin A, but above all anthocyaninsplant pigments responsible for their red color and particularly important for heart health, e melatoninuseful for good quality sleep.
They are rich in water e fibreespecially those soluble (almost 1 g per 100 g), with very little fat it has just 50 calories per pound.
These fruits are also an important source of mineral salts: above all they have a considerable potassium content (as much as 229 mg in 100 g of cherries), but they also provide soccer, of phosphorus, magnesium e ferro.

The benefits of cherries

With all these beneficial nutrients, cherries are truly a treasure trove of positive effects that make them very important for maintaining health and protecting against many diseases. Here you are 6 reasons to bring them to the table.

Water and fibers for intestinal regularity and diuresis

Like all fiber-rich foodsthe cherries they favor the intestinal regularity. Plus, they have a slight laxative effect which helps prevent constipation. As we have said, they contain to a greater extent soluble fibers, which play aprebiotic actioni.e. they do from nourishment for the intestinal microbiota. It is that microcosm of bacteria that populates our intestines and which, if it is healthy, helps us to feel well all round: in fact, it comes into play not only in the well-being of the intestine but also in many other functions, for example is important for the effectiveness of the immune system.
Thanks to the richness of fibers and the abundance of water, cherries stimulate diuresis and play a detox effect which helps us to purify ourselves.

Heart health protectors

The richness of anthocyanins that characterizes cherries makes these fruits very important for heart health. As you remember IEO, the European Institute of Oncologyseveral studies have confirmed that these compounds, which are part of the flavonoids, of the polyphenol family, are useful for the cardiovascular prevention. The high potassium content in cherries also helps protect cardiac well-being: this mineral salt, in fact, participates in the contraction of muscles, including the heart, so it is important for check heart rate e regulate blood pressure.

Antiaging and anti-inflammatory

The antioxidants in cherries aren’t just good for the heart but they do a general one action against free radicals and their harmful effects, helping to prevent oxidative stress that damages cells and tissues: in this way we protect against aging and chronic degenerative diseasessuch as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Both anthocyanins and other antioxidant compounds such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, from the carotenoid family, participate in synergy in this positive effect. The anthocyanins present in cherries also have anti-inflammatory properties which make these fruits potentially useful in case of chronic painfor example the one associated with thearthritis and to fibromyalgia or due to sports injuriesas he points out Humanitas.

The right fruit to enjoy on a diet

Cherries are the perfect fruit to enjoy to keep fit or lose weight. The fibers they contain, in fact, together with the high water content they promote satiety e help control appetite: for this reason, cherries are a excellent hunger breaker to eat as a genuine and low-calorie snack between meals.

Full of melatonin to sleep better

Cherries contain melatonin, a hormone which, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, plays a crucial role in regulation of the sleep-wake cycle and which, therefore, is essential for good sleep. Its reduced production by the body – due, for example, to aging or the presence of a light source during the night, which inhibits its secretion – can therefore cause disorders such as difficulty falling asleep at night, restless sleep or early awakenings in the morning.
Eating cherries, especially before going to bed, can therefore be excellent natural remedy to fight insomnia and promote rest, as Humanitas points out again.

Cherries for the beauty of the skin

With their content of vitamins A and C with an antioxidant action, cherries are also allies for the well-being and elasticity of the skin, because they slow down cellular aging and the signs of time stimulating the collagen productionthe main component of tissues.

Contraindications of cherries: when it is better not to eat them

For their richness in fiber, in case of irritable bowel syndrome it is advisable to eat cherries in moderation because excessive consumption could contribute to worsening symptoms, such as cramps and abdominal pain.
These fruits are not allergenic per se, however in seasonal allergy sufferers eating cherries could trigger ancross allergy. It is a real allergic reaction, which typically occurs when a respiratory allergy, mostly to pollen, is associated with the consumption of foods of plant origin. Symptoms typically involve the oral cavity and may include persistent itching in the throat, swelling and blistering of the mouth. If you suffer from respiratory allergies, therefore, ask your doctor for an opinion to find out if it is appropriate for you to avoid or reduce the consumption of cherries and how to behave in case of discomfort after eating them.

Recipes with cherries

Cherries, even in jam form, are the perfect ingredient for making sweets gourmands, from cakes to biscuits to reinterpretations of great pudding desserts such as the cheesecake and the tiramisu.
They are also excellent as a base for refreshing and refreshing smoothies, for example combined with aromatic herbs as in ours cherry and mint smoothieother than granite e sorbets.
But these fruits, with their sweetness, create original flavor contrasts even in the savory recipesfor example in risottos or combine with carne o al pesce: try them with chicken breast, beef tenderloin or tuna. You can also add them to your own mixed salads: they are perfect together with spelt, feta and rocket or mixed salad and robiola for a nice nutritious, refreshing and delicious single dish.
And, since nothing is thrown away in the kitchen, we’ll give you one more idea: i cherry stalksor the stems, once dried are ideal for preparing a diuretic herbal tea with a draining action, excellent to be enjoyed both hot and cold.

Do you love these fruits? Then find out more recipes with cherries in the Ingredients section of Buonissimo.

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