Chiara Ferragni launches her pandoro for Christmas

After the success of Easter Eggs Clare Ferragni is preparing to conquer Christmas too, thanks to its new Pandoro Pink Christmas with a surprise. The product, made together with Baloccolooks like a concentrate of qualityin which i dominate colors and the brand of the entrepreneur. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to a project by Research in pediatric oncology. Among the fans theenthusiasm it is already palpable.

Chiara Ferragni’s pandoro

Chiara Ferragni’s first pandoro is preparing to conquer the market thanks to some features unique. The design of the package appears very nice and is embellished by the addition of a pink ribbon on which the brand logo stands out, namely the very famous eye. The name Pink Christmaswhich has already become a hashtag, is, however, mainly justified by the surprise inside the cake. In the package you will find, in fact, some sugar in pink veil and stencil of paper, still depicting the eye, with which it is possible to decorate and personalize the pandoro. Balocco then insists on the quality of the ingredients used to make the product, among which fresh Italian milk and eggs obtained from hens strictly reared on the ground stand out.

The new pandoro in support of research

As with the Easter eggs, the new pandoro was also conceived with the idea of ​​financing an important initiative beneficial. In fact, the label states that Balocco and the influencer are committed to supporting the hospital’s pediatric oncology department Queen Margherita of Turin. The funds raised will therefore be used for the purchase of a machinery specific, which will make it possible to experiment with new therapeutic pathways for the treatment ofosteosarcoma he was born in Sarcoma of Ewing in children.

How much does it cost and where to find it?

The race for Chiara Ferragni’s new pandoro seems to have already begun. It is a commercial dessert, and not an artisan one, which can therefore be purchased in the supermarkets. The product is already available in some outlets trigos and in supermarkets Deco. The format is the classic one from 750 g and the price fluctuates between 9 € and 10 €. Fans on social already show a great appreciation. Some say they want to buy the sweet for “collecting”, while others say they are attracted to a product of the brand for the first time. Pink and customization possibilities seem to convince lot of.

At the moment they have not arrived from the official profile of Chiara Ferragni statements on the new pandoro. To break the news, or lo spoilerthought a video posted by a girl on TikTokwhich has already gone viral. The information on the characteristics of the product can be found on the Balocco website and it is expected that the comments of the well-known digital entrepreneur will not be long in coming.

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