Chicken Breast with Canarian Marinade

This dish is simple that we all like, something that we can prepare in 10 minutes without having to worry about anything, perfect if we arrive tired from work.

Table of Contents


  • Breast
  • Oil
  • parsley
  • Garlic

How To Make It?

The first thing we must do is find a bowl or taper, with the capacity to store all the fillets. Once found, in the same container, we must pour 50 milliliters of olive oil.

Now we proceed to chop garlic, once this task is done, we should do the same but this time with the parsley, the amount of this varies according to the taste of the person but it is always good to add approximately 6 leaves.

Finally, to finish this marinade we have to add salt to taste so that it does not remain bland. All these ingredients must be crushed on some surface, a kitchen mortar is usually used for this task.

Now that we have this mixture ready, we have to fillet the breast. The best shape we can give it is fine or medium since if it is thick it can burn and remain raw on the inside. Once we have finished this task, we are ready to deposit it in the bowl with the sauce, cover it and it must go to the fridge. We must leave an hour for the meat to absorb and take on flavor.

After an hour or more time when we decide we can cook in many ways, the fastest and easiest is with a frying pan. We look for a frying pan and put it on low heat, after five minutes we begin to deposit as many fillets as we want, it is not necessary to add oil since the marinade already has enough. When they are ready, that is, they are not raw, we can take them out and enjoy this wonderful dish.

It can also be prepared in an oven, we must place them in a glass dish, and bathe them on top with plenty of sauce, once we have them ready, we place them inside and bake them for 25 minutes at 190 degrees, you must remember that half the time is It is necessary to turn around and add more sauce so that they do not remain dry.

This wonderful meal can also be made on the barbecue in the same way as with the pan.

There are infinities of accompaniments for this dish but the most recommended is to fry potatoes and once the breast is prepared we add lemon to taste. You can also prepare a salad to make this a healthy recipe.

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