Chicken fillet stuffed with cheese and maheev persimmon

Chicken fillet stuffed with cheese and maheev persimmon

Wash chicken breast, pat dry, rub with salt and pepper.
Be careful not to forget that cheese and mayonnaise are salty!
Grate the cheese.
Pass the garlic through a press.
Mix cheese, garlic, favorite spices for poultry, mayonnaise and mustard.
Make a deep incision in the form of a pocket on the chicken breast.
Fill the incision with cheese.
Part of the cheese mass must be left, 10 minutes before the readiness, put it on top of the breasts and bake to get a delicious crust.
Cut the persimmon into slices, remove the stone.
For one breast, half a persimmon is used.
Put a few persimmon slices into the cut.
Prick the incision with toothpicks.
Place breasts in a baking dish.
Bake at temperature for 40 minutes.
Readiness to check, piercing the breast with a knife in the thickest place, the juice flowing out should be transparent.

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