Chicken with curry sauce and smoked paprika baked in the oven on the festive table

Step by step cooking recipe

My chicken carcass.

If not cut, then cut the sternum.

Dry with paper towel.

We are preparing our coating:

Peel the garlic and squeeze into a bowl.

Add mayonnaise, smoked paprika, curry, salt.

We mix everything well.

We rub the chicken with our coating.

Be sure to rub the inside.

We leave to marinate for 2-6 hours as time and patience allow.

In the oven at 190 degrees, heating a strong bottom, a weak top.

Cooking for about 1 hour or 1.30 depending on the size of the carcass and oven.

Life hack, how to understand that the chicken is ready?

On the wings and drumstick, the meat will “tear”, which means that the protein is completely cooked and collapsed. This moment is clearly visible in the photo.

Serve either whole carcass, then garnish with green onions, or in portions.

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