Chinese mandarins: what they are and how to eat them

During the Christmas period i Chinese mandarins they return to our tables and the questions about them recur. What fruit is it? what are theirs features? And especially come do they eat? Every question has a precise answer and the good news is that these citrus fruits are a concentrate of nutrients.

What fruits are Chinese tangerines?

Chinese mandarins, also called kumquatare the fruits of a tree belonging to the family of Rutacee. Originating from Chinese southern, were introduced in Europa in the 19th century by the English botanist Robert Fortune, from which they derive their scientific name Fortunella. They look like oranges in miniature which, in shape and size, resemble olives. Today, such citrus fruits are grown in different parts of the world, even purely for this purpose ornamentaland in Italy they are available on the market only in the months winter. The fruits are low-caloriesince 100 g of product contain 70 kcal, but are rich in nutrients. In fact, they contain large quantities of vitamin A and C, minerals in abundance, among which potassium, calcium and phosphorus stand out, as well as useful antioxidants such as folic and pantothenic acid.


Chinese tangerines are fruits with many properties. First of all, they prove to be great allies of the immune systemthanks to the presence of vitamin C, and are excellent anti-inflammatories, antibacterials and natural antimicrobials. The essential oils obtained from their peel are therefore useful for counteracting skin infections respiratory tract. The citric acid makes them, then, a panacea for the digestionespecially if consumed at the end of a meal, while potassium transforms them into a valid support for the cardiovascular system. The high fiber content of these citrus fruits also benefits the intestinal regularity and can help keep levels in check cholesterol in the blood. The outstanding properties antioxidants finally, Chinese mandarins are great resources for maintaining health skin e hair.

How are Chinese tangerines eaten?

Often, when we find ourselves in front of Chinese mandarins, before worrying about their properties we end up wondering how to eat them. These fruits, given the characteristics of their smooth and thin skin, are actually entirely edibles. A wash accurate under running water is, however, essential. The peel is, however, dolce and aromatic, while the pulp is very sour and contains a large amount of semi. Whoever wanted delete them can cut the fruit in half and do it with the tip of the knife. When buying, prefer citrus dal color bright, with a zest elastic it’s a consistency not too soft remains fundamental. The presence of spots on the outside it is, in fact, an unequivocal sign of too advanced maturation.

Chinese mandarins are now also popular in our country. They can be consumed fresh or become perfect ingredients for the preparation of candied fruit, jams, saucesconserve in spirit e sweets. Their tangy flavor makes them a great choice for pairings with savory dishes based on meat and fish. Who suffers from gastric reflux e ulcer should, however, avoid the consumption of these citrus fruits.

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