Chives: properties, benefits and uses in the kitchen

Property and unique tastes are transforming thechives into an increasingly popular ingredient. This plant, give it characteristics details, is perfect for flavor our recipes and proves itself extremely beneficial both for the heart and for the rest of the body. use it correctly allows us to make the most of i nutrients that it contains and, in this area, our worst enemy is heat.

Properties of chives

Chives are a nutrient-rich plant. It contains, in fact, good quantities of vitamins e you minerals. Among the first they stand out vitamin A e vitamin C. 100 g of product alone would be able to satisfy the requirement of the latter of an average adult. Among the minerals we find, however, high levels of potassium, soccer e manganese. These characteristics make chives a panacea for Heart and cardiovascular system.

It is also rich in fibrewhich help regulate intestinal function, as well as normalize the absorption of sugars and the levels of cholesterol in the blood. The plant has been valued since ancient times as antibacterial natural and, if consumed in the form of an infusion, it boasts properties expectorants. Finally, it stimulatesappetite and the production of gastric juices, but is also rich in folateessential in pregnancy.

Where is chives found?

To make the most of the properties of chives, it is necessary to understand which vegetable it is and where to find it. L’Allium schoenoprasum it is a plant perennial belonging to the Liliaceae family. It presents leaves long and hollow, similar to rushes, which can reach 50 cm in length height e flourishes in summer. The little lilac flowers, edible like the leaves.

Chives can be grown invegetable gardenon the balcony potted and growing spontaneously in nature. Necessity of few cureshas no particular preferences of ground and it must be watered constantly. The leaves, to be used, must be cut with scissors, about 5 cm from the ground and washed carefully. Herb can be used fresh o frozen and al supermarket the product is available in both forms.

Chives, how to use it

To make the most of the properties of chives it is necessary to know how to use it. It owes its name to the taste similar to that of the onion, of which it results, however, more digestible and less heavy for thealito. The vegetable can be used to flavor the most diverse preparations based on carne e pesce or to give a fresh and aromatic touch to soups, salads, cheeses e sauces of various types. What is important is to always use it a raw or, in case of cooking, add it only at the last moment. The heat it can cause a loss of crunchiness and affect the nutritional qualities. Also dry chives are not recommended, as the aroma is affected.

The many properties of chives have made it quite a plant over time famous. Before being appreciated by great chefs, it was, in fact, the protagonist of bellows and legends. THE Celts they considered it a useful defense against i evil and still today in Germania it remains the protagonist of popular superstition. Consumption has no particulars contraindications. However, eating excessive amounts can irritate the stomach.

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