Christmas aperitif: 3 ideas to make

What to offer for a Christmas aperitif? And how to decorate the themed table? We show it to you in this special that collects 3 ideas for making a Christmas aperitif at home! Many tasty recipes, delicious Christmas appetizers, original or timeless to make the moment of a toast with friends or relatives special. The welcome creates the right atmosphere for these moments that remain indelible in the mind and… on the palate! In addition to Christmas lights, decorations and the exchange of gifts, Christmas recipes for lunches and dinners, we help you make your table unique by setting and serving themed snacks, perhaps even to be prepared in advance! Discover some Christmas aperitifs that are more suitable for you and then all you have to do is raise your glasses!

Christmas aperitif: the classic

Prepare the table with a beautiful solid white or red tablecloth, use a Christmas runner that embellishes it without weighing it down. Choose goblets and flutes with a minimal design, choose white plates and saucers or with delicate decorations. Go for gold or red for table decorations and small accessories. Slide a strip of small LED lights or light some candles: here is the perfect atmosphere for a classic aperitif!

Christmas aperitif: the vegetarian

You can arrange plates and bowls from which you can serve yourself directly on the table, without Christmas tablecloths. This will give a warmer and more informal mood: you can decorate the table with natural pine cones, transform rosemary into a Christmas decoration to make serving dishes special. With a few Christmas balls, fake packets (possibly in recycled paper) and some lights or candles, the table will be rich, the vegetarian dishes will stand out, to be shared with friends and relatives!

Christmas aperitif: ethnic theme

Do you have friends from all over the world or people who live abroad and will come to visit you for Christmas? Nothing better than organizing a toast at your home, an ethnic Christmas aperitif! There are many dishes that you can prepare in advance, to delight your guests. It will be very easy for the table: the ethnic dishes are colorful, they are served in equally lively and brightly colored dishes. So you can set up simply, with a brightly colored table runner, low colored glass glasses, candles and wooden elements.

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