Christmas: what are the traditional recipes in the rest of the world?

Let’s talk about Dinner Christmas Eve or lunch on December 25th Natale is celebrated by eating and each region of the world has its own traditional recipes. In Italy we are fond of cotechino, capon, lasagna, pasta with fish and other dishes, but each country offers a great variety of tasty options. Taking an overview can, then, help us broaden our horizons.

1 Christmas in Germany

The Germania it is among the parts of the world where Christmas is most felt and the celebrations come alive with lunch on 25 December, thanks to various traditional recipes. For many, the main dish is the main plate, a goose roast stuffed with apples, onions and chestnuts, served with cabbage. However, a place of honor is also occupied by the dumplings, large potato dumplings. Among the typical sweets stand out the Gingerbreadspiced apple pie, and the Christmas tree pastriesdessert in the shape of a Christmas tree.

2 Christmas recipes in the USA

Over USA Christmas traditions enclose a world, in an original mix of customs imported e additions indigenous. The lunch of December 25 then provides, as a remnant of the English tradition, a main course based on turkey or roasted ham served with potatoes and ai sauce blueberries. Il dolce more popular is, however, the Mince Pies a shortcrust pastry cake filled with dried fruit, which is left as a gift for Santa Claus.

3 Dinner in Norway

The Norway show off the best of your Christmas recipes on the occasion of Dinner of Christmas Eve. The protagonists of the tables are ribs e Lamb ribs, pork and lamb chops served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. For many, however, the main dish is the lutefish, the cod cooked in the oven. In some regions it is still prepared smal hoveboiled, baked and smoked sheep’s head.

4 Traditional Christmas Recipes from the World: Brazil

In Brazil, Christmas is a very heartfelt celebration and the high temperatures of southern December do not spoil the traditions. To the dishes imported, among which lasagna, sausages and stuffed turkey stand out, alongside local ones. On the tables there is no shortage, then the chester, a large meatball of turkey, vegetables and rice. The typical dessert is, however, the It was Natala dough made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk, baked or fried.

5 Christmas in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia Christmas is celebrated on January 7thaccording to the Julian calendar. Here the inevitable dish is the Doro Wat a spicy chicken stew seasoned with tomato sauce, onions and spices. This is served with theinjeraa bread that is used as a dish.

6 Traditional Christmas Recipes from the World: The Philippines

The Philippines is the only country predominantly cristiano in the Asian world and the traditional recipes to celebrate Noche Buena, Christmas Eve, are different. You eat the lessonroast pork served with steamed rice, e hamon, a kind of sweet ham. THE sweets they are rice based. The bumbong provides, for example, that this is served boiled, with butter and coconut flakes. After midnight, however, the turn of the street food consumed in company.

The world offers a varied panorama of traditional Christmas recipes. Every country exploits the ingredients at your disposal and, in the context globalized today, are fortunately not rare contaminations. Home dinners may continue to appear the most inviting to us, but if you want to experiment, there is no shortage of possibilities.

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