Coffee, salt, lemon: how to remove odors from dishes (pans, cutting board)

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An important “tool” for fighting odors is lemon. Before butchering fish, cutting onions or garlic, wipe the board with a lemon wedge. Do the same after completing the “procedures”.

If the fishy smell is too strong (particularly wood planks), wash the boards with vinegar or saline. The recipe for the solutions is simple: per liter of water – four tablespoons of salt or vinegar. The only thing that vinegar needs to be dissolved in warm water.

To destroy herring odors, used tea leaves or milk are suitable. Wet the sponge and rub the board, it will help.

If the board is made of wood and smells like raw meat, leave it in hot water. Put a little coffee (or one hundred grams of chopped charcoal) in the water in advance. After half an hour, drain the water and wash the board.

With plastic – a little easier: try rubbing it with soda or rinsing with vinegar, and then rinse.

Yes, and the rule common to all boards is to dry them vertically, so the water will drain faster.

frying pans

Aromas can be muted at the cooking stage. Before frying the fish, send a piece of raw peeled potato or a lemon wedge to the pan (already oiled). This will make the fish less smelly during the frying process.

And now you’re done cooking. The flavors in the pan are still there. How to be? There are several options – coffee beans, lemon / orange, soda or mustard powder.

Coffee beans or citrus slices should be roasted in a washed and dry frying pan. Soda (1 tablespoon), poured into a frying pan with water – boil for a couple of minutes. And rub the utensils with mustard powder, after removing the oil from the pan with paper towels.

A vessel

Glass, enamel, steel utensils are not a problem: cold water and regular detergent will usually eliminate odors. Another thing is ceramics or plastic.

Aromas in ceramic dishes can be overcome with coarse sea salt. Pour a few tablespoons (the amount depends on the volume of the dishes), cover and leave for a day or even longer (it can be for 36 hours). Then wash with laundry soap, rinse and leave until completely dry.

If odors have stuck in a plastic container, such as a container, vinegar, coffee beans, charcoal, and even newspaper will help.

  • Vinegar. Pour warm water, vinegar (a quarter cup) and a few drops of detergent (for dishes) there. Close, shake and leave for two to three hours. Drain the water and rinse.
  • Coffee. Pour into container and close. We leave for 24 hours.
  • Charcoal. We put a piece of coal, close the lid – to the bitter end, until the coal absorbs the aromas of food.
  • Newspaper. The same story. We put the crumpled sheets in a container, close (tightly) and leave for 10-12 hours.

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