Cooking in the dishwasher is now possible: here’s how

Don’t you think it possible? And instead, that’s right: here’s how and what to cook in the dishwasher, to save money.

Well yes, cooking in the dishwasher is possible. Although it sounds almost impossible, this appliance is useful both for washing dishes and objects of various kinds and for cooking some foods. Doing it is very easy, just follow a few tricks and use the right tools. Thanks to its low temperatures, the dishwasher is useful for cooking food in various ways and avoiding significant waste.

Cooking in the dishwasher
Cooking in the dishwasher

Cooking in the dishwasher: all the tips

Cooking in this appliance is practical and also economical. Doing so can lead to avoid wasting time and even energy. Thanks to its various and low temperatures, it is suitable for cooking various foods. What you need are containers perfectly airtight; you can use glass jars or vacuum bags suitable for cooking, as long as they are hermetically sealed. To learn how to cook in the dishwasher, you can use three different types of programmes.

Il ECO programthat is to say between 50-55°C, is suitable for foods that require low temperatures, such as soft-boiled eggs. Normal washing, which is identified with the program 2provides for a temperature between between 60-65°C; intensive washing, i.e. the program 1reaches i 70-75°Csuitable for foods that require cooking at higher temperatures, such as hard-boiled eggs.

The benefits of cooking in the dishwasher

Time is one of the main wastes that are avoided if you cook with this appliance. In fact, you can operate it and wash and cook at the same time, arranging both the dishes to be washed and the containers full of food to be cooked inside. This way, you can proceed to 2 actions in 1. In addition, food cooked this way can be ready in advance: if you run the dishwasher in the evening, you can have lunch or dinner ready for the next day. You don’t even have to spend time checking the progress of cooking in the dishwasher, just waiting for it to finish.

By cooking foods at a low temperature, especially meat, they can be juicier and more tender. In addition to gaining in taste, you can also look after your health, because with this cooking it is more difficult for toxic substances to form in food. There are other benefits of cooking in the dishwasher as well. Washing and cooking at the same time, waste of water and electricity is avoided; moreover, food waste is reduced because, especially meat, if cooked in a vacuum and at low temperatures it can be kept longer.

Recipes for cooking in the dishwasher

The carne, whether red or white, can be cooked in a vacuum with the ECO programme; The pesce need for higher temperatures and adapts to washing with program 2. Among the recipes to make in this appliance, there is that of fruit compote: cut it into cubes and pour it into a glass jar with lemon juice and sugar, activate program 1 and wait for it to be ready.

To cook fish fillets, such as cod, you can place it in a glass container, together with salt, chopped onion, aromatic herbs, olives and oil. Cook during the normal wash and, in a few minutes, the dish is ready.

Here is the guide on what to put and what not to put in the dishwasher.

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